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How To Achieve Radiant and Naturally Bronzed Skin

Is your skin feeling lacklustre and calling out for a glow up? Us too, which is why we’ve put the latest products from Eco Tan to the test to see if we can achieve naturally bronzed skin.

I do my best to avoid the sun’s harsh rays after working as a skin consultant in my earlier 20s. There, I quickly learned the sun is the most common cause of ageing, redness and pigmentation. So for years I’ve been an avid fake tanner. In my early to late teenage years, I would spend the weekends lathering on various fake tans in the hope of achieving Naturally Bronzed Skin. My skin tone is quite pale, and many of my do-it-yourself fake tan attempts result in a bright orange coating. I have decided to shake up my tanning routine and search for a natural result by testing out Eco Tan’s range.

Eco Tan is an Australian company created in Currumbin and bundled in Burleigh Heads. Founded by Sonya Driver, Eco Tan holds the honour of being Australia’s first certified organic tanning range. The tanning, skincare and body care range includes zero synthetic or artificial ingredients, animal derivatives, aminos, pesticides or herbicides and is proudly all natural and cruelty-free.

Deliciously smooth

Eco Tan’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a revolutionary, powerful exfoliating scrub perfect for the whole body and to be used prior to tanning. Bursting with organic lemongrass, pink Himalayan salt, coconut and pink grapefruit, this scrub’s formulation assists in targeting the appearance of stretch marks, flaky skin, pigmentation and blemishes while delivering deep, long-lasting hydration. I pair it with Eco Tan’s reusable Intense Exfoliating Glove to target those ingrown hairs.

Genetically, I have inherited some stubborn stretch marks and I find in periods where exercise is less frequent, stretch marks and bumps are prominent on the surface of my skin. I also aim to run six kilometres a week for the wonderful effects it has on my mind, body and spirit. As a result, however, I’m on the receiving end of dry, rough heels and feet from new running shoes and ground impact.

As part of my new tanning routine, I apply a generous amount of the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub onto my dry skin prior to showering. Using the Exfoliating Glove, I rub it all over the body in circular motions, concentrating on my dry heels and stretch marks. I like to begin at my feet, working the scrub in circular motions towards my heart. As I work my way up the body, I use this time to practise meditating while treating my senses to the soothing citrus aroma. It reminds me of being in a day spa in Bali. I’ve noticed much smoother skin on my heels and reduced stretch marks and bumps, and I love how the shower water runs over my skin like silk after I apply the scrub.

Glow up

Next, using Eco Tan’s Luxe Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt, I apply the all-natural and organic Hempitan Body Tanning Water. These two products work together like a charm! The one-size-fits-all Tan Applicator Mitt features a smooth side for applying Eco Tan’s tanning water, with the velvety smooth other side perfect for applying cream and mousse. The Hempitan Body Tanning Water is made from a blend of organic hemp, cacao and hyaluronic acid to treat while delivering Naturally Bronzed Skin. Containing no artificial dyes, the blend can deliver a boost of radiance to my skin lasting up to seven to 10 days.

After a shower, I gently shake the Hempitan Body Tanning Water, before spraying it directly onto my skin, again working from my feet upwards using the smooth side of the mitt. Immediately, I notice the formula glides onto my skin because I prepared it with Eco Tan’s heavenly exfoliant duo 24 hours earlier. So far, these products are a match made in heaven. This formula cancels out some of the visible blue veins particularly present on my arms, which leaves me feeling more confident — and I’m yet to see the final result.

Alongside Eco Tan’s Hempitan Body Tanning Water, I’m most excited to use their organic and natural Face Tan Water and the range’s Gradual Tanning Toner. I work from home, so I’m often subject to last-minute Zoom calls and find myself in a scramble to apply make-up. My worries are now put to rest because this tanning water provides me with a 24/7 natural even complexion with no blocked pores. Now I’m always Zoom meeting ready and feeling at ease, knowing the hyaluronic acid in the product works to fight my stubborn breakouts. I shake the bottle and, using my hands, apply a teaspoon amount evenly to my face, neck and décolletage, massaging it in with the mitt. As part of my routine upkeep, I apply the Face Tan Water three times a week in the morning.

Hydration station

Twenty-four hours later and after a shower, I’m looking radiant, golden brown and sunny from head to toe. Then morning and night, I apply Eco Tan’s organic and natural Coconut Body Milk. This incredibly smooth moisturiser features organic aloe vera, coconut and avocado. Often, I receive a headache from moisturisers and candles containing synthetic ingredients. This soothing Body Milk has no synthetics, so I finish my routine the same way I started, with a relaxing meditation. The Coconut Body Milk provides instant relief, hydration and care to my skin. This formula of this Body Milk is just like my whole tanning routine with Eco Tan — incredibly calming and effective. Knowing I look and feel my best radiant and naturally bronzed self, I go about my day feeling confident, the organic way and without the skin damage. My old streaky, orange tinge is, thankfully, a thing of the past.

For more information visit ecotan.com.au.

Isabella Rayner

Isabella Rayner

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