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Shopping for earbuds? Look for these three things

Every season, our calendars fill up with events faster than we can say ‘sure thing’. And whilst back-to-back weekends of joyous engagements sounds uplifting at first, a busy schedule can also leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed.

To keep your wellbeing in check, don’t forget to savour all those peaceful, in-between moments… from walking off a long lunch to lounging poolside in the summer sunshine.

These snatches of time allow you to slow down and recoup, so it’s vital that you spend them wisely. For us, self-care often looks like unwinding with an audiobook, an addictive new podcast, or a pick-me-up playlist. After all, research proves the health and wellbeing benefits of listening to music include boosting mood, lowering anxiety and depression, reducing fatigue, and increasing exercise performance.

That’s why a pair of premium wireless earbuds are at the top of our wish list this Christmas. More specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, from the tech giant’s new wearables range.

More than a stylish lifestyle accessory — though they ooze sophistication in three chic colours with a matte finish — the next generation of Galaxy Buds is designed with an array of next-level features. Three, to be precise, making life and the pressure of holiday gifting that much easier!

Flawless fit 

Taking a breather or some alone time during all the chaos is important. Blocking out the family craziness can also be a much-needed side dish. If your preference is running, walking or rolling down a hill, you won’t need to worry about these earbuds falling out. They are small enough to fit inside your pocket and easily nestled into your eardrums.

But we’ve all heard a similar horror story: A single earbud popping out of a friend’s ear, only to never be seen again. For the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Samsung has refined the design for a comfortable and reliable fit.

The Buds2 Pro are small and light with an ergonomic shape that is designed to stay put in your ear canal while you’re moving around (wireless sweat session, anyone?). In short, they’ll stay devoted to you — no strings attached (literally).

Incredible connectivity

Once the festivities have settled down and you’re in a food coma, nothing sounds sweeter than lying down and reflecting on the day that was. Whether you’re meditating outside or escaping the heat in your bedroom, the Buds2 Pro auto-connects to other compatible Samsung devices in one simple step and can auto-switch too. You can link to any of Samsung’s Galaxy watches, seamlessly switching between phone calls and music on your buds.

Amazing audio    

When hunting for the crème de la crème of headphones, keep an eye (or ear) out for sound quality. For instance, the Buds2 Pro are designed with audio enhancement features to help you power through the summer holidays.

Features like ‘Intelligent Conversation Mode’ and beamforming allow you to be ensconced in your own sound bubble, thanks to incredible wireless transmission and clear voice pick-up.

Not only do they let us tune in, they also assist in blocking out the outside world with powerful noise cancelling features (thanks to the immersive 24bit Hi-Fi audio experience that also minimises wind noise for crystal clear sound). With the tech-savvy earbuds, we’re ready to press play and turn up the music… just in time for the silly season.

The best part, if you’re like me and have the habit of misplacing your things, we have some good news for you! If you misplace one of your buds, Samsung’s SmartThings Find application1 can help in locating them, for added peace of mind. So shop now and grab your own pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro.



  1. When the battery runs out, it tracks based on the last connected location. The SmartThings Find application is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 8 or later. You must select to get notified when you are away at SmartThings Find application to receive a notification.


Kayla Wratten

Kayla Wratten

Kayla Wratten is a Brisbane-based journalist. When her head isn’t stuck in a good book, you’ll find her on the yoga mat, in a dance class or writing inspiring stories. Find her on Instagram at @kaylawratten.

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