Body Positivity

The look good, feel-good phenomenon

As women, it’s often easy to default to a self-critical mindset, especially when it comes to the way we perceive our bodies. Have you ever been given a compliment on your appearance, only to knock it down a couple of pegs in response?

‘Oh, this old thing, it’s nothing special’ or, ‘I haven’t worked out in weeks, I’m not at my best.’

Trust me, we’ve all been there – and you’re not alone in feeling this way. Possessing a positive body image doesn’t happen overnight, but being aware of our automatic negative thoughts and making an effort to challenge them is the first step to a happier and more confident you!

An increasing number of studies are drawing links between looking good and feeling good, so shifting our mindset to appreciate and value the way we look – no matter our shape or size – could be an integral part of the process.

Choosing ‘fits that flatter your unique physique are an amazing way to start. Brands such as Suzanne Grae are now making a conscious effort to offer inclusive sizing and their curve range aims to showcase your best assets in the most positive light. So, before we delve deeper into the ways your wardrobe could have an impact on the way you feel, let’s take a closer look at what body positivity means as a whole and the look good, feel-good connection.

Body positivity – what is it?

The term essentially asserts that everyone deserves to have a positive body image – regardless of how the media, popular culture and society views the ‘ideal’ size, shape or appearance. According to Verywell Mind, some of the goals associated with this movement include:

  • Challenging how society views the body
  • Promoting the acceptance of all bodies
  • Helping people build confidence and acceptance of their own bodies
  • Addressing unrealistic body standards

It also means enjoying the body you have and not beating yourself up over changes that happen naturally due to ageing, pregnancy, or lifestyle choices.

Meanwhile, body image refers to someone’s subjective perception of their own body. This could be different to how their body actually appears. Feelings and thoughts surrounding one’s body image can impact mental health and the way someone treats themselves.

The Look Good, Feel-Good Connection

First and foremost, it is important to seek balance when it comes to inner and outer beauty. Developing your character and mind will translate into your physical appearance through self-confidence. Take the time you need to nurture a good relationship with yourself. You might like to use positive affirmations or focus on meditation and breathwork.

Understanding that the look good, feel-good connection is a two-way street is also paramount. When you look good, you feel good – and when you’re feeling positive about your body image, this will naturally radiate.

Body Positivity
Body Positivity

Wardrobe for your wellbeing

Although the concept of your wardrobe contributing to your wellness, isn’t often spoken about, it can be such an integral tool in shaping the way you look to perceive yourself and therefore, the way you feel. Having a sense of style is a fun way to showcase your personality, whilst choosing figure-flattering items will work to boost your confidence and overall appearance.

Suzanne Grae’s inclusive sizing spans from 6–24, while their curve range was made to fit and flatter every woman in all the right places! Not only are their garments incredibly affordable and comfortable, but they cater to suit every-body in the most seasonal colours and prints.

There is no need to sacrifice your personal sense of style due to the belief that you are not of a certain shape or size. Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Remember to be kind to yourself and in this world of fabricated perfection, being authentically you is your most powerful asset.

Cat Falalis

Cat Falalis

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