5 things you didn’t know about student memberships at ATMS

5 things you didn’t know about student memberships at ATMS

When I started working as the Relationship Coordinator for the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), I was tasked with helping students to find their feet and get to know their industry. I am a naturopath and for over 15 years I have been a member of ATMS. My own experiences moving from student to accredited practitioner are what make me so driven in my role to ensure that others know the benefits of becoming a member of an accredited association.

When we are studying, we are so focused on the content that it’s sometimes hard to see past the studies and into the future of being an accredited practitioner. There are several reasons I was attracted to ATMS so many years ago and continue to renew each year, the big one being the knowledge and support the society shares with its members.

Here are my top five things you might not know about ATMS and its free student membership:

1. Transition to practice: from the classroom to the clinic
ATMS holds full-day events for students (and members who want a refresh) on how to successfully set up a clinic. Run by highly experienced practitioners, this seminar was incredibly valuable for learning where to start, from private indemnity insurance and finding the right location to creating a website and knowing how to manage business finances. The seminar is about giving students the best chance to be successful in practice. What students have said about the event:
“Outstanding practical information and passionately presented. I loved it and got lots of value from being there.”
“Both Robert and Christine were clear and very knowledgeable. I really appreciated their tips and assistance with answering questions. Both were approachable and kind.”
“I am now armed with solid information on what is needed to start a practice and make it a success.”
“Robert and Christine were a wealth of knowledge and so open to questions and advice. It has helped me with my future plans to open a home clinic and made me aware there are others, including ATMS, who are willing to help me succeed.”
2. EBSCO access
As a student member of ATMS you have free access to the Alternative Medicine research package, and to the Rehabilitation Reference Centre with hundreds of evidence-based clinical summaries and 10,000 exercise images. This not only helps you during your study, but also as you continue to learn as an Accredited Practitioner.

ATMS and EBSCO also host free webinars on how to access and best use the tools for EBSCO. This access and service allows you to increase your research abilities and once your studies are completed, ATMS-accredited members still have free EBSCO access. The last free webinar training received great feedback:
“This was fantastic. Easy to understand and very knowledgeable.”
“It was thorough and practical.”
“Extremely useful topic to offer all ATMS health professionals.”
“Stimulated my interest in researching using this method.”
“Very thorough and clear about approaches to using EBSCO and drilling down to detailed filtering.”

3. Awards and grants
ATMS offers education grants for members who are interested in undertaking training in natural medicine or continuing their professional training. The Simon Schot Education Grant is open to all accredited and student members of ATMS wishing to undertake training. Ten grant recipients will each receive a AU$500 reimbursement to go towards their studies; the recipients are announced at the AGM each year in November.

ATMS is thrilled to introduce a new Research Grant of up to AU$10,000 for members who are undertaking larger Natural Medicine research projects. This is a new initiative in 2020 to support members and encourage research that supports the outcomes of ATMS values and strategic plans.

The annual Natural Medicine Awards celebrate the individuals in the industry, recognising a Practitioner of the Year, Clinic of the Year and Student of the Year.

The Student of the Year is open to all students who study at an accredited college. Four finalists are flown to the city hosting the AGM and are celebrated at a formal Awards Gala Dinner. This is a great night to network and attracts the best of the best.

“Receiving the award was a big surprise and I feel grateful to be a part of an industry that recognises talent and success. It’s a huge honour, however I feel like everyone who graduated this course deserves this recognition. It is a challenging experience. The last five years have been amazing and I cherish the life-long friends I have made at Endeavour.” Jenna Carroll, 2019 Student of the Year, Endeavour College

4. Advocacy
ATMS works hard to represent its multi-modality members with government, health funds and the wider industry. CEO Charles Wurf, president Peter Berryman and treasurer Christine Pope all regularly travel to Canberra to meet with key politicians and decision-makers. During COVID-19, ATMS collaborated with the Australian Natural Therapists Associations, Massage & Myotherapy Australia, and Myotherapy Association Australia to get the best possible advice for massage and myotherapy member practitioners.

“ATMS has been in close consultation with Federal and State jurisdictions to keep our members fully informed and to move in a staged and deliberate manner in accordance with the recommendation of elected government and public health authorities,” said Charles Wurf.

Every year ATMS hosts Natural Medicine Week to promote natural medicine, and the important work of accredited practitioners in Australia. By educating the government, the health industry and the public, ATMS hopes to encourage an open conversation about natural medicine, its benefits, and how both mainstream and complementary medicine practitioners can together assist their clients with their holistic health and wellbeing.

5. CPE Program
Once you become an accredited practitioner, you will need to maintain 20 CPE points of learning per financial year. As a student you don’t need to worry about continuing professional education right now, but if you are interested in specialising in one particular area, ATMS has the biggest and broadest education program in Australia, attracting leading experts across Ingestive, Bodywork and Massage, and Chinese Medicine.

Seminars are national, with most being held in capital cities throughout the year. Webinars can be viewed live or purchased as a recording, covering topics like Vitamin A, Histamines and Fertility Assessments, Upper Cross Syndrome and Abdominal Massage for Bodyworkers, and TCM for period pain and PMS or Instagram for your Practice.

Students are given special discounted rates to access all events and can also purchase past recordings in the webinar library.

Why should you join an industry association?

The Natural Medicine industry is a tight-knit community that brings together so many different people who are all passionate about helping others.
By joining an industry association, you are held to the highest standard that includes continued education and a code of conduct, which advises members of conduct towards clients, colleagues, the natural medicine profession and the broader community, as well as what constitutes unacceptable behaviour.

Free student membership
ATMS offers free student membership to anyone studying an ATMS-approved course. By joining our community, you become a member of Australia’s leading Natural Medicine Association and will be supported on your journey to becoming an accredited professional practitioner.
“ATMS has been fundamental in providing Endeavour College students with industry knowledge by hosting free webinars on business topics, offering students access to educational material and free membership. In addition to these industry benefits, ATMS recognises those who are significantly contributing to natural medicine. In 2019, one of our students was the winner of the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards which celebrates outstanding students. ATMS continually promotes a high standard of education within the Natural Medicine industry and we are proud to partner with them.” Endeavour College of Natural Health

For more information, visit atms.com.au

Natalie Hume

Natalie Hume

Natalie Hume is the Relationships Coordinator at ATMS. She is an accredited naturopath with more than 15 years of experience. Natalie hosts webinars with colleges, visits when she can and is always ready to talk to students.

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