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Coming home to a career in natural health

We chat to naturopath Chelsey Costa about her journey into the world of natural health and how choosing the holistic path at Endeavour College proved to be one of the most rewarding decisions she made.

After studying at university in Western Australia, Chelsey Costa describes Endeavour College as like coming home. “At uni, it can be difficult to make connections,” says Costa. “At Endeavour it’s the opposite. I discovered a supportive environment where I got to know everyone, made amazing friends, learned so much and felt right at home. I loved it.”

While Costa originally wanted to study medicine, she became increasingly interested in healthy eating and lifestyle. She pushed this passion aside to study neuroscience for six months — until she realised it wasn’t for her.

“I started working in a healthfood store and was just about to study nutrition when I stumbled across Endeavour,” she explains. “The college offered a more holistic degree, so I made the switch then changed courses to naturopathy. I’m so grateful that I found Endeavour and I only wish I’d known about it sooner.”

Costa balanced part-time work with full-time study. “At Endeavour, you can easily ask questions and our lectures often become discussions,” she says. “I absorbed so much knowledge because I was engaged in my studies. My main challenge was that I put pressure on myself to get the best marks.”

The active learning environment meant that Costa was able to interact with her peers and lecturers for a more immersive and hands-on experience. “The lecturers at Endeavour are really supportive. They always take the extra time to explain something if I needed it, and the supervisors in the student clinic are incredible. They gave me a lot of confidence in starting to practice.”

According to Costa, the lecturers were always looking for opportunities for their students. “They also ran a session where a lecturer from each modality talked about how they got started in their career. It was inspiring,” she says.

Since graduating from Endeavour with the Naturopathy Academic Excellence Award and Dux Medal Award, Costa has begun her career as a qualified Naturopath at Perth Health & Fertility in City Beach. She is passionate about women’s health and specialises in treating hormonal conditions such as PCOS, cycle irregularities, endometriosis, PMS and acne, among general naturopathic medicine.

“My mission is to educate each patient and provide them with the tools to put the power back in their hands so their body can do what it’s designed to do — heal itself and be the best version it can be,” says Costa.

She is also one half of @peppermintandsage_ on Instagram where she works alongside her sister in the natural health space. Costa continues to hold a strong interest in health education and regularly conducts public-based health education talks in the community.

Campus locations

Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.

There’s never been a better time to study natural medicine

Already a $5.6 billion industry, Australia’s complementary medicines health sector has seen a considerable acceleration in growth in the last five years and continues to outpace growth in the broader economy. With a strong consumer focus on preventative healthcare, the future already looks bright for their graduates.

Learn through practice

Each campus has an onsite Endeavour Wellness Clinic, where theoretical knowledge comes to life for students. Endeavour College’s Health Science degrees include hundreds of hours of hands-on learning with real clients. This clinical experience sets Endeavour College graduates apart and gives them confidence to begin their clinical practice.

Natural health’s endless career choices

Endeavour College graduates can work as clinical practitioners in their own clinic or a multi-modality clinic alongside other clinicians. Many graduates are now taking their clinical practice to the client by offering mobile services as well as online using digital technology to give access to clients at a distance. In addition to clinical practice, graduates have countless non-practitioner careers available to them. These natural health specialist careers range from content creation to education to consulting and advising. With such a variety of careers available, Endeavour College graduates have the luxury of designing their careers to fit their passions, aspirations and lifestyle.

Turn your passion into your purpose and connect with Endeavour College today.

For more information, visit or call 1300 462 887.

Follow Chelsey’s natural health journey at or on Instagram @peppermintandsage_.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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