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Empowering Careers At Health Academy Australia

Health Academy Australia

Since starting enrolling students in 2008 as one of the first online training providers in health and wellness, Health Academy Australia has had thousands of happy students who have gone on to establish their careers or flourish in their current careers. They has earned a solid reputation as the college for career-focused and professional development courses with excellent student support and course quality.

They have also picked up numerous awards in appreciation of their services and courses.

One-on-one care

Health Academy Australia offers one-on-one care to its students. From its student services team to knowledgeable tutors, it provides students with individual support and training. Health Academy Australia doesn’t treat its students as one of many; rather it treats each student’s individual needs and requirements. Contrary to the standard belief, online training with them is a personalised and enjoyable experience.

Courses on offer

• Nutrition
• Naturopathy
• Alternative medicine
• Counselling
• Life coaching
• Biological sciences
• Psychology
• Medication

Course outcomes

With Health Academy Australia’s certificate courses, you can either work in the industry fully insured or get credits into higher qualification and study further. All the short courses can be used for career progression, professional development or self-enhancement. All short courses will gain credits into higher qualifications. They  has a unique system where it lets students enrol in a short course and upgrade any time before certificate issuance to a higher qualification by just paying the difference in the fees.

Payment options

• You can pay upfront and receive a discount
• Pay via one of the flexible monthly or weekly payment plans
• Pay with your credit/debit card or direct debit from your bank account

Contact Health Academy Australia today.

T: +61 7 5689 1500
W: healthcourses.com.au
E: admin@healthcourses.com.au

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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