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Who doesn’t want a better-functioning brain? Mariana Gonzalez, e-commerce and growth manager at myBrainCo. shares more about achieving optimal brain health — and it starts with your gut.

Tell us about myBrainCo.

Our mission is to create happier, healthier and better-functioning brains. myBrainCo. is focused on developing leading-edge nutritional products that help people maintain optimal brain health and cognitive function throughout all stages of life.

What is the story behind myBrainCo.?

Our founders’ fascination with the brain extends from personal experiences with mental health challenges, a brain tumour, losing loved ones to dementia, and trying to juggle the stresses of busy professional careers with family life. Motivated by these personal experiences, they identified fundamental issues that were contributing to these outcomes and developed a unique systemic approach to support optimal brain health — one that recognises the complex interconnected relationship with key bodily systems, organs and biological pathways.

How is myBrainCo. helpful for people following a FODMAP diet?

Having a healthy gut is fundamental to brain health, cognitive function and mental wellbeing, which is why we’ve invested so heavily in developing a leading multi-action Gut Repair formula. We believed it was important to ensure that our Gut Repair was suitable for people following a low-FODMAP diet, as these people are often the ones in most need of our product support.

Why is the FODMAP Friendly certification so important to your brand?

When it comes to gut health, we understand the importance of following a low-FODMAP diet for many of our customers, and we wanted to inspire trust and confidence in those customers so we may have the opportunity to assist them in thinking and feeling their best.

What is the highlight of myBrainCo.’s journey so far?

Without doubt, it’s the incredible feedback from our customers, or, as our founder, Ed Scott, puts it, “Goosebump moments!” While we operate a commercial business, we exist to help people think and feel their best, and hearing the amazing feedback provides us with immense reward.

What’s next for myBrainCo.? Do you have any exciting launches coming up?

Absolutely! We’re only just getting started.

Where can we buy your products?

You can buy our products at and select health-food stores including select Go Vita and Mr. Vitamin retail outlets.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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