A dash of colour and sustainability – Q&A with Wendie Rennie of Haymes Paint

A Q&A with Colour and Concept Manager, of Haymes Paint

What was your initial vision for Haymes Paint Colour and when did it all begin?

I was lucky enough to come to Haymes over 10 years ago to assist with the colour side of the business where we able to identify large areas of the colour space and colour offer to our various markets and broaden our offer and widen our exposure through developing colours that spoke to different market segments and offered more contemporary and versatile solutions to them, we also were able to begin to identify “trends” and respond to them by developing the Haymes Colour Library platform which was just great way of providing the flexibility to bring out colours that were not only current but also respond in a way that could be both adapted for commercial and residential spaces.


What are some paint colours on trend at the moment?

At the moment the trends that are current are very responsive again to the situations we have been in this year where colour has become more reflective and needs to have characteristics that encourage spaces with “wellbeing” at the forefront, from calming soft pastels to bolder primaries that inject an energy boost into the space and more than ever we are looking to homes for this as we have all re-designed our homes to become the ever-adaptable home office space as well.  Our love of colours in the neutral zone is still strong but the grey is being replaced by warmer tones that have quite strong undertones of both red, brown and ochre within the mix neutrals feel warmer and more inviting and softer.


Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful colour blends?

Our latest release called “unearthed” is a palette derived from my own trip with the family around Australia, I was lucky enough to travel with the family on my long service leave, with no intention of working but the colours kind of just became ingrained as we travelled and as the landscape changed the palettes were just right there, in the greens of the grasses, to the pinks of the sunset and beautiful lavender found at dusk, the colours were just so much more animated and intense particularly in the outback so it felt quite natural to pick these colours up and make a palette that felt quintessentially Australian.


What are your three top tips when it comes to painting the home?

Always choose your main colour with the bigger picture in mind, flooring, cabinetry and anything big you are including so you can create a palette that feels harmonious.

Always try a sample pot and move the painted sample around the space and look at it during different lights so you know how the colour behaves at differing times of the day and if you still like it, sometimes colours can look extremely different from morning to night so good to get a good understanding of the colour before committing.

Have fun and be bold with colour in a few areas, I always find the clients that are prepared to add colour really feel the benefits of it and tend to love those spaces the most, colour is so powerful and it really can lift or change a mood when used in a way that is crafted to reflect the personality of the client, you’re using it for.



Please share some of the ways Haymes Paint consider sustainability and the environment?


We reduce our water usage, energy consumption and emissions to improve sustainability and protect the environment for future generations. Our policy is to,

“To conduct our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste and emissions. This will be achieved by increased efficiency in the use of energy, water and raw materials, and developing products using the most sustainable raw materials where it delivers equivalent or better customer satisfaction and financial return.”

We also taking art in the Paintback initiative. Which is taking unwanted paint and packaging’s and stopping them from ending up in landfill and vital waterways. Along with disposing of waste paint responsibly, Painback is committed to researching new ways to repurpose unwanted paint materials.

What’s next for Haymes Paint?

We are always looking for new ways to develop both technology and colour solutions and more ways we can assist our customers in creating beautiful spaces so as we move forward, we will embrace new ways of offering our colour and products to clients, whilst focusing on providing service that is personal and authentic.


For more, visit haymespaint.com.au

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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