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Luxury on purpose

Bridget Carmady, naturopath and founder of Clémence Organics, explains how her luxurious range of products can nurture you, with all ingredients serving a very clear purpose.

What does “looking after yourself” mean to you?

It means being kind to myself — making sure I eat well, exercise and sleep well. Making sure I make time for my mental health with meditation, reading and time with friends. Making sure I only put the healthiest of products on my skin, which to me means they must be 100 per cent natural and certified organic.

How can our readers nurture themselves with products from Clémence Organics?

Our products are so beautiful to use. Many customers comment that using Clémence Organics is like having their own day spa at home. The scents are gentle and soothing. The products are texturally luxurious. They really make you feel that you are giving your skin the absolute best treatment. And from an ingredients perspective, you totally are. All products are 100 per cent natural and certified organic so you’re not only nurturing your skin; you’re nurturing your health.

Can you tell our readers a little about the key ingredients that make your products so luxurious?

The first thing you need to know is that I will never skimp on ingredients. You won’t find water, fillers or other unnecessary ingredients in the Clémence range. Every ingredient serves an essential purpose. If you take a look at our ingredients list, you will see that the main ingredients are all botanical oils, butters and gels, and that makes the products what they are — super rich, lush and beautiful to use.

If a reader was new to the Clémence Organics product range, where should they start?

I think our Refining Cleanser is the perfect place to start as good cleansing is key to the whole skincare routine. And when I say good cleansing, I don’t mean your skin should be squeaky clean. I mean cleansing so that you’re not stripping your skin of all its natural oils, which in turn dries out your skin or makes it overproduce oils, leading to acne and breakouts.

Our Refining Cleanser is based on camellia oil, which has been used by Japanese geisha for centuries. It effortlessly removes make-up and impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils. Our clients see an immediate improvement in their skin when switching to this cleanser.

Is your range suited for readers with sensitive skin?

As a naturopath I have been making skincare for clients for many years, most of whom have suffered from varying skin sensitivities. This gave me plenty of practice formulating a range that catered for even the most sensitive of skin. We get very few reactions and many people commenting how thrilled they are to finally find a range which doesn’t upset their skin.

What’s next for Clémence Organics?

We’re very excited to be moving into more international markets this year, as well as introducing new products and making our range even more sustainable. I can’t wait to show you!

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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