Nurturing the Female Libido — Chatting with Jess from JSHealth

What began as one woman’s mission to share her health journey in the name of helping others is now a thriving multi-million-dollar business. But beyond the celebrity status and best-selling books, Jessica Sepel has remained true to her mission of helping others reach their health nirvana. Now, the nutritionist has answered the calls of her community and released a new supplement to add to her growing range: Hair + Libido.

When do you feel wild and alive?

When I am with my husband on a holiday, swimming in the ocean together. I feel free, safe, alive and as if I can do anything.

Can you talk us through your new product, Hair + Libido

Every product in the JSHealth VitaminRange is developed because our precious community has asked for it. Low libido is a very common complaint we hear, along with hair loss. I wanted to create a product that could address these two big issues in one with the market’s first Hair + Libido vitamin. Essentially we have taken our best-selling hair-growth vitamin as the base formula, containing iodine from kelp and zinc, then enhanced it with two new ingredients, tribulus and ginkgo, backed by research to support healthy libido and sexual function.

We do we shy away from talking about sex drive (especially female sex drive), yet so many women have questions and worries about their libido? What can we do to break the taboo?

What we have discovered through our community is that so many women are really ashamed about low libido and feel as if there is something “wrong” with them, when there really isn’t. Low libido can be caused by so many factors including stress, diet, hormones, contraception, medication and mental health. It is not the person’s fault and the launch of this product will educate people on just that. However, we wanted to create a science-backed solution that was not gimmicky and really worked. In conjunction with the launch, we have used our large social platforms to really open up and amplify the conversation around libido and sexuality in order to help break the taboo. This is a topic that truly
needs to be spoken about in the open. It’s been great working alongside award-winning psycho-sexologist Chantelle Otten to really cultivate awareness around libido, pleasure and sexual confidence.

What causes a loss of libido?

A low libido is a common experience for most people at some time in their lives. There are many different factors that can cause lowered libido, ranging from physical, emotional, medical or psychological reasons. The good news is that, while fluctuations in libido are perfectly normal, if you’re experiencing lowered sexual desire, you can do something about it. Being aware of lifestyle factors that could be negatively impacting you can help make changes to increase your libido again.

What can you do to nurture your libido and boost your sexual energy?

Excess alcohol, stress, lack of movement and undereating can all contribute to lower libido, so make sure you are nurturing yourself by only drinking in moderation, regularly engaging in physical activities that you enjoy, fuelling your body with all the nutrient groups and practising stress management techniques. When it comes to boosting your sexual energy, make it fun! Anything that brings you pleasure and delights the senses is a good place to start, such as an aromatherapy bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil, savouring some chocolate (cacao is a known aphrodisiac) or scheduling in a special night, with a partner or solo. Yoga can also be a great tool to help you reconnect to yourself and sexual energy and can improve libido.

What is the link between hair and libido?

Initially, we created this as a male-specific product as hair loss and balding, as well as sexual dysfunction, are two common concerns we heard from males. However, during the production of this supplement, we saw that more women than we realised were also struggling with low libido, as well as hair thinning of course (something we already knew and see all the time). So we see this vitamin as a way to boost people’s confidence; hair growth and a better libido can really make you feel confident in yourself and your relationship.

The ingestible beauty and supplement market is having a major boom. What is your advice when choosing supplements? Are there specific things to look for?

Absolutely. First, check that the product is a listed medicine with an AUSTL number — this ensures the vitamin is well protected and tested for safety and efficacy. Second, dosage matters — we only place ingredients at a therapeutic level in our formulas so you can be sure it will produce a potent, medicinal effect. Third, research is key! Make sure that scientific studies back up the claims promised by a vitamin. Last, what are the company’s values and reputation? Ensure it’s created by experts and is a brand that has integrity.

What are you doing to minimise the environmental impact of JSHealth?

JSHealth is committed to always doing better for our environment. We continuously push our manufacturers to create better solutions for all of our products. All JSHealth vitamin bottles are recyclable in your normal household recycling and we use environmentally friendly high-tech packaging materials wherever possible. The use of these renewable sources of bioplastic, along with FSC-certified card and sustainable vegetable inks, greatly helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have mainly vegan products and ensure any marine-sourced ingredients (fish oil, marine collagen and kelp) are certified by sustainable bodies and work with natural cycles to minimise ecological harm. JSHealth pledges to always work toward new solutions that allow us to be more sustainable and conscious of our precious earth and her resources.

What are you …

Listening to: The OCD podcast.

Reading: A lot of interior magazines as we are currently renovating our home.

Wearing: Seed Heritage, only!

Dreaming of: Time with my husband in Noosa, our favourite spot.

What’s next for JSHealth?

It’s a secret, but what I can say is we have a very exciting brand-new line of products launching at the end of 2021. It’s going to be a gamechanger in the space and I’m so excited to reveal what we’ve been working on for the last few years when the time comes. Stay tuned!

Jessica’s top 5 tips for boosting libido

  1. Time with your loved one/partner. Simply spending quality time together is amazing foreplay according to psychotherapist Esther Perel.
  2. De-stress. We know that cortisol can impact our sex hormones that assist with libido. We need to truly commit to resting the mind and body to assist with libido support. Schedule in time to unwind each day and practise activities that relieve stress, such as meditation and yoga.
  3. Switch off from technology by 8-9pm to allow time and space to be in your bedroom and relax without the stimulation of social media, emails etc. This also allows for intimate time with your partner, whether that’s clothes on or off.
  4. Try a research-backed vitamin with quality ingredients. Our Hair + Libido is formulated with ingredients backed by science to support healthy libido and sexual function.
  5. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet. We need those nutrients for a healthy sex hormone production


For more, visit or @jshealth on Instagram.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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