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We sit down and chats with the Chief Brand Officer of NO FACE, Andy Young, to learn about NO FACE’s scientific and nourishing approach to treating skin.

How does NO FACE care for people’s skin?

As a leading research-based skincare brand, NO FACE is heavily involved in the most advanced and scientific aspects of new product research and development. Our marketing teams and scientists are always working together in the front lines to gather insightful data from consumers to understand different skin issues people are facing and to push through the latest skin ingredients and formulations to target those issues. So there is no doubt that NO FACE is a people-centred skincare brand.

NO FACE believes in a “pro-life approach”. Can you please describe what this means?

Yes, the philosophy behind NO FACE is that the brand exists to help people achieve desired goals and results. NO FACE believes that skincare isn’t just about packaging, a name or advertisements, but truly about the products themselves and how they support the people using them to achieve their skin goals and better lives. In the process, guided by this incredible philosophical idea, NO FACE has evolved into a skincare brand leader to not only address ingredients and products, but also developed a remarkable 4D Skin Modeling Analysis to help dermatologists, professionals and consumers understand their skin conditions in a multitude of ways. This takes into account their skin risks, which is a novel approach to estimate skin issues based on lifestyles and living habits such as diet and sleep etc. This information and insights are also used to educate consumers to shape their lifestyles in better ways. Therefore, it isn’t an overstatement to say that NO FACE is truly an innovative, revolutionary and pro-life skincare brand.

Why are plant extracts good to use on the skin?

Plant-based diets work, and have helped many people. When it comes to skincare, we should also follow our natural biological path to discover and use the most suitable natural ingredients. Industrial chemicals have been used on consumers’ skin for many years and many of them have later been found to be harmful and caused health issues. Great plant extracts, though, have shown even more powerful active properties to correct and assist the skin without those harmful consequences. Our research and tests have compared our Phyto Active vitamin C properties to other vitamin c products and the results are mind-blowing, as our Phyto Active C has far surpassed other types of vitamin C in terms of biostability and absorption, and the kind of glowy texture and brightening effects from the Phyto Active C is unseen active ingredients.

What are the benefits of using skincare that is formulated with probiotics?

The skin has its own ways to deal with bacteria and other microbiomes that are naturally occurring in the skin and from the outside environment. A lot of the latest research results have shown that probiotics help the skin build a better environment so that it becomes healthier naturally. Not all probiotics are the same, and we use phyto and ocean derived probiotics, which are full of bioactive prebiotic and probiotic properties. So rather than dealing with symptoms, they help target the root to prevent damages.

Why is it important to use research-based natural skincare?

There are many types of natural skincare products but many unfortunately lack extensive amounts of research so that consumers are often blindsided by marketing. A research-based leading brand like NO FACE, however, shifts the focus from marketing to research and passes the resources and benefits on to the end consumers. The ingredients are better tested with more quality assurance to be safe and effective, and the natural active ingredients are better preserved and formulated in the production process, and hence the skin benefits. These are all a part of the reasons why professionals and seasoned skincare lovers became
loyal to the NO FACE brand.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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