Oz and Oprah

I thought we’d diverge off the usual yoga topics for just a moment to discuss a woman whose influence and scope is worldwide. People quote her, idolise her and buy products, read books and watch movies based entirely on her opinions on them. It is of course, Oprah!

An astounding 1.33 million Aussie viewers tuned into last night’s final installment of Oprah’s Australian Adventure. On average, the four part series drew in over one million viewers on each night the programs aired. In the States, The Oprah Winfrey Show draws in a regular crowd of 40 million American viewers. Along with that, the show is aired in 145 international locations. If you didn’t realise it already, this means there will be a lot of eyes set on Australia.

So with Australia enjoying the limelight, US comedian Chelsea Handler announced she will also be bringing the Chelsea Lately show to Australia for a one-off gig in March. Although the Chelsea Lately show is nowhere near the same scale as Oprah, it still means Oz will be getting more attention and international exposure. It will be interesting to see, in light of Oprah’s trip to Australia, what perspective the Chelsea Lately show (known for its tongue in cheek humour) will take when it comes to presenting our nation to the world.

The Oprah Winfrey Show specials did a great job in showing our country at its finest. We have sandy white beaches, ‘roos and koalas, an iconic harbour and a beautiful untouched outback. Plus, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (when they’re not in Nashville) call Australia home.

Australia Day is around the corner and with the recent Oprah episodes, I got thinking about this country of ours. I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people, but what I really love about Australia are the things, people and places closest to home. I love that I live in the suburbs, but a ten minute walk will take me into dense bushland. I love having a barbeque with my friends and family and eating under the stars. I love that my garden is home to possums, blue tongue lizards, lorikeets, kookaburras and countless others.

I doubt the Chelsea Lately show will showcase Australia to the world in the same style or scope the Oprah Winfrey show did, but regardless, what part of Australia culture would you like to see given more exposure? What part of our Australian lifestyle is particularly special to you?

Veronica Joseph

Veronica Joseph

Veronica Joseph is an accredited yoga teacher who loves to share her yogic journey from travels in India, cleansing techniques, her favourite poses and their benefits and tips to remember when practising.

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