Weleda Baby Rituals

Three potent & precious rituals for mums and bubs

Editor Kate welcomes her new baby boy, Harrison, into the world with three potent and precious rituals.


In 2021, a day after my 32nd birthday, I gave birth to my son Harrison. I spent my own birthday in labour, wishing Harry would join me but, alas, he wanted his own day to celebrate. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I had just arrived at the most sacred and meaningful chapter yet of my life. Harry’s newborn days were filled with a dreamy delight. Time slipped away sweetly, and I happily settled to sleeping, feeding and cuddling him around the clock. I spent my time staring into his ocean blue eyes, enthralled by his cute toes and nose and marvelling at the miracle of life. As special as those early days were, they were also muddled with confusion. Uncertain feelings that, once I came up for air three months later, I realised were very normal. A swirling mind, dripping with doubt yet overwhelmed with love is, in fact, a rite of passage for many first-time mums. Rituals kept me grounded in those postpartum months. I had three rituals that I turned to as often as I could: a massage for me, a massage for Harry and a bath for us both. Of course, some days I was completely absorbed by Harry and his needs, covered in vomit, breast milk in my hair, hungry and tired. On those long days, we just got through with lots of cuddles, help from my husband Henry and our nearby family and friends.

Rituals of love

My first ritual was with my postpartum doula, Kirrah. Kirrah would visit my home every fortnight to give me a full body postnatal massage. This ritual helped me to balance and heal my body and feel spaciousness within my mind. It also allowed me to connect deeply to that place of trust — trust that I knew what was best for my baby.

Each night, I massaged my belly with Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil, a ritual that I carried over from pregnancy. With intention in every stroke, I would send my tummy gratitude for the safe, healthy and warm home it provided for Harry. The scent of the oil is beautiful, filled with subtle almond and jojoba seed aromas. It hydrates my skin and soaks straight in without leaving any greasy residue.

Each evening Harry and I would soak in the tub. I’d place a few drops of Weleda Baby Cream Bath and together we’d laugh and splash in the water. Harry would have free rein of the milk bar so he’d often feed and cuddle in, which is one of my favourite memories of this time. With the aromas of calendula and sesame seed oil filling the bathroom, we’d both slow down, get in sync and experience a deep feeling of connection and calm.

My third grounding ritual was an at-home “facial” and massage for my beautiful boy. This ritual I absolutely loved, and so did Harry. I would ask Harry if he was ready to go to the “salon” for his “facial”. He’d look at me with these gorgeous big eyes and smile. I’d dim the lights and put on a soft lullaby and begin our massage using the Weleda Calendula Baby Oil. I’d massage his tiny little feet, his cute-as-a-button bottom and the soft skin all over his belly and back. Weleda Baby Oil is infused with healing calendula, is very light-weight and smells almost as delicious as Harry. It left his skin soft and nourished. Whenever Harry’s skin was feeling a little dry from the harsh environment (my womb was sterile and clean), I would use Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion. The velvety-soft cream is perfect for his delicate and sensitive skin. Plus, it’s enriched with compatible lipid molecules which support newly developing skin to protect and heal.

Next, it was time for Harry’s “facial”. Using a tiny amount of Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream, I’d gently massage his chubby cheeks, his little nose and his soft neck. During our “facials”, I discovered Harry had a ticklish neck. He would giggle and smile each time I touched that area, leaving my heart exploding with love.

I also found that the cream was helpful in moisturising the small amount of cradle cap on Harry’s scalp.

Now, Harry is nine months old. Thankfully, the anxieties from my postpartum experience have passed, yet I’ve held onto my three grounding rituals. I love giving Harry his “facial” and massage time, although now he’s a lot harder to keep still. Whenever he’s not covered from head to toe in pumpkin mash and blueberry smoothie we bathe together and, as for my massages, they’re not as frequent as fortnightly, but when I get some me time it’s just as profound.

For more information on baby rituals and Weleda, visit weleda.com.au.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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Weleda Baby Rituals

Three potent & precious rituals for mums and bubs

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