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Byron Bay Detox Retreats, NSW

Indulge in transformative healing at Byron Bay Detox Retreats, NSW

Credit: Byron Bay Detox Retreats

The experience

Byron Bay Detox Retreats offers one of the most holistic and comprehensive naturopathic detox programs available today and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Experience a life-changing transformation on exclusive group retreats, or personalised one-on-one retreats, where you will rejuvenate mind, body and soul. The rustic and more luxurious cottages, as well as studios, are also all equipped with reverse-cycle air conditioning, living areas, kitchenettes and adjoining bathrooms. Many group retreats are held during the year that have an intimate atmosphere, which offers support while detoxifying. Gatherings held in the pyramid-like Yoga Shala include morning meditation and yoga classes, workshops on mindfulness, sleep therapy, nutrition and stress management, as well as the retreat’s signature sound healing that offers a gentle yet powerful blend of didgeridoo, chimes, crystal bowls and sacred voice in harmonious vibration. Love yourself and gift yourself with a rejuvenating retreat in a place of wellness, vitality and peace.

The healing

This is a holistic detoxification retreat that works not only on physical purification, but also on mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Retreaters are facilitated and nourished beyond a mere pamper in their health-seeking journeys by a dedicated team of qualified naturopaths, health professionals and therapists. Retreaters fast on cold-pressed organic juices, as well as an evening mineral broth and a vast variety of herbal teas and alkalised water. This detoxification process is accelerated by sessions of colonic hydrotherapy and a daily infrared sauna, which works on a cellular level, and, ideally, an ocean plunge, too. Also included in the retreat package are supplements for heavy-metal, bowel, liver and parasite cleanses. There’s a choice of additional treatments, which include a range of traditional and ancient healing techniques such as bodywork, massage, spiritual counselling, medical intuitive practices, hypnotherapy, energy healings and much more, all tailored to suit individual needs. Therapists at Byron Bay Detox Retreats are hand-picked from the Northern Rivers region to ensure that the delivery of treatments is world-class. Head facilitator, Natalie Purcell, has more than 20 years of personal experience and training in detoxification and spiritual healing. She also offers the Taoist abdominal organ massage, Chi Nei Tsang, which clears blocked internal pathways to alleviate negative emotions and sickness. You are invited to experience the many health benefits of a Byron Bay Detox Retreat such as renewed energy and vitality, natural weight loss, breaking of addictions, relief from disease, improved digestion, reduced effects of aging, spiritual growth, a clearer complexion, improved immunity and clarity of mind.

The fast and the food

After being nurtured through the five days of fasting, retreaters are served a fast breaking breakfast of fresh papaya with a hint of alkalising lime and mint. They are then rewarded with a raw-food cooking class from the retreat centre’s expert chef that culminates in their first lunch in many days. Retreaters not only learn how to make superfood smoothies, as well as raw sauerkrauts, pastas and desserts, but also enjoy them with the group. Raw-food cuisine is served throughout the last 24 hours of the retreat. This culinary knowledge, as well as the information and inspiration attained from seminars and consultations, is then taken away by retreaters to continue their new healthy lifestyle.

Things to remember

Prior to attending the retreat, clients are requested to fill out a health questionnaire to assist the qualified team of naturopaths in supporting their needs. Clients are advised to follow pre-fast procedures in the days leading up to attending the retreat centre to aid their transition to detoxification. Also, just as important as fasting is breaking a fast and clients are given information on how to slowly ease their reset internal organs and purified mind, body and soul back into their lifestyles after their enlightening time at the seaside sanctuary.

All retreaters are reminded that any impurities such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are not allowed during the retreat and food of any kind is to be abstained from during their stay to allow the healing process to occur. Booking early avoids disappointment and not only ensures the first choice of cottages in the retreats that are typically fully booked, but also keeps airline costs down. Included in the package is accommodation, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, all organic juices, broths, teas and meals, on-site supplements, group yoga, meditation and sound-healing sessions, educational seminars, naturopathic consultations, raw-food cooking classes and fast-breaking meals. Retreaters can also opt for their own cottage rather than sharing a bathroom with one other, or a studio apartment, for extra costs. Also available year-round is the option of a private and exclusive personalised retreat.

Getting there

The closest airport to Byron Bay Detox Retreats is Ballina Byron, about a 30-minute drive, while Gold Coast airport is about a one-hour drive away. Shuttle busses from both airports ($20-$40) take clients directly to the retreat centre, or a personalised pickup service can be arranged.

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