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Discover Rebalance Retreats in NSW

Discover Beautiful and Relaxing Rebalance Retreats in NSW

Credit: Rebalance Retreats

Byron Bay’s newest retreat provider, Rebalance Retreats promises to restore balance to the busy lives of its varied clientele. Imagine yourself sitting by a pool reading a book, writing in your new dream journal or perhaps enjoying a quiet evening cocktail … yes, all of this could be part of the experience because the Rebalance Retreat ethos is that the essence of wellbeing is balance in all things.

The experience

Rebalance Retreats offers wellness retreats and services that give you the opportunity to relax, restore and rebalance in the beautiful setting of Byron Bay and its surrounds. Retreat options range from the barefoot luxury of one of Byron’s premier five-star beachside resorts to the rustic charm of a hinterland hideaway. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find the perfect retreat to suit your tastes and budget.

Rebalance Retreats currently has three different retreats on offer:

  1. Classic Rebalance Retreat

These wonderful ticketed events welcome individuals or small groups looking to take some time out of their busy lives. Held over three days and two nights in a variety of iconic Byron locations, they certainly aren’t your standard yoga retreat. They are designed to enable attendees to dip their toes in a variety of unique and wonderful experiences offered by the amazing therapists, healers and facilitators that this region is particularly renowned for.

The Classic Rebalance Retreat has a luxury beachside theme and is designed for those who want to experience a bit of coastal bliss, barefoot and all. Guests will stay at Byron’s premier five-star beachside resort Elements of Byron, with its luxurious pools and stunning coastal location. This retreat offers guests the chance to strike the perfect balance, with wellness workshops, fun activities and indulgent delights on offer that celebrate the unique culture and stunning coastline of Byron Bay.

You will be staying in luxurious freestanding villas adjacent to one of the most stunning coastlines in Australia all while being surrounded by forests and wetlands. Activities include vision board creation, dance workshops, beach yoga and moon gazing. Dining will be on the sumptuous and varied offerings from local eateries with the group, or you can fly solo if you wish.

These retreats will leave you rejuvenated and deeply nourished.

  1. Private Retreats

Rebalance Retreats also organises luxury wellness retreats for private groups in beautiful homes in and around Byron Bay. Working with clients’ specific needs, Rebalance Retreats can create a unique wellbeing experience.

The first of these is the Back to Nature Rustic Retreat, offering a complete digital detox and encouraging attendees to reconnect with nature. Held in a rustic home surrounded by rolling hills and lush jungle, it will include activities such as bush hikes and excursions to local waterfalls.

  1. Corporate Wellness Conference

Rebalance Retreats also specialises in corporate wellness events, catering to companies that are invested in creating a positive workplace morale and increased productivity, by encouraging a more conscious approach to health and wellbeing at work.

Why Rebalance Retreats?

Rebalance Retreats carefully curates every aspect of its wellbeing events and this is what makes them so different. The team select diverse accommodation options and experiences to capture the needs of their clients and create a different theme for each retreat.

The brainchild behind Rebalance Retreats is Katie Manekshaw, entrepreneur and founder of I Love Chakra. Her background in the corporate world makes her all too aware of the stresses and strains of modern life and the importance of taking time out to reflect, recharge and recalibrate.

“I’m passionate about helping people find more balance in their lives. We’re so caught up in work, tech and the many demands of our lives that it’s easy to forget to just be ourselves,” she says. “Taking some time out to reflect on things can be exactly what we need to make positive changes before we go back to being busy again.”

If you’d like to set up a plan to pay for your retreat in increments, simply email Katie (katie@rebalanceretreats.com) and she will be there to assist you.

For more information, and to register for a retreat, contact Rebalance Retreats directly.

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