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Feel renewed at Maruia Hot Springs in New Zealand

Feel renewed at Maruia Hot Springs in New Zealand

Credit: Maruia Hot Springs

Maruia Hot Springs

This thermal wellness destination is located in the beautiful Lewis Pass National Reserve, which is a two-hour drive from Christchurch and one-hour drive from Hanmer Springs. The renovation of the spa and the experience it now provides reflects co-owner James White’s lessons from his travels to more than 120 health spas in 22 countries. A unique wellness centre has been created, which he calls “nature’s health haven”.

The grass was knee-high around the hot pools, and the property required renovation when the new owners took over Maruia Hot Springs. Now, three years on, Maruia Hot Springs has won two luxury World Spa Awards; Best Luxury Eco Spa regional winner for Australasia as well as the Best Luxury Mineral Spring Spa winner of New Zealand in 2018. New Zealand Tourism also awarded Maruia Hot Springs the prestigious Qualmark Silver rating.

The experience

You can truly immerse yourself in the ultimate outdoor healing experience at Maruia Hot Springs. Connect with nature as you sauna and bathe in mineral hot springs and take in the views of the river and surrounding mountains. Stay and indulge in the middle of this picturesque national reserve and explore the area through a number of hiking trails around the property.

Unlike most New Zealand hot springs, all guests enjoy unlimited access to hot pools, saunas, a steam room, cold plunge pool, foot bath, Zen chi machines, relaxation lounge, cafe, restaurant, hiking trails and other thermal wellness experiences.

For visitors looking for the complete relaxation experience, recently renovated accommodation is available for both couples and families. All rooms are peaceful, quiet, and offer a sense of connection with the surrounding natural environment.

A recently opened campervan park allows guests to experience the same relaxation experience as accommodation guests without the additional cost of a hotel room.

Maruia Hot Spring’s electricity for its saunas, heating and buildings is produced on-site by their own hydro-power generator. It is a true, off-the-grid eco-resort. Furthermore, internet is provided by satellite and telephone is provided by radio link.

Maruia Hot Springs welcomes both day guests and overnight guests and gives them an opportunity to recharge their body, mind, and soul.

Treatments and services


Connect with nature and bathe in New Zealand’s pure geothermal hot springs. With outdoor pools filled with water that flows naturally and is heated by the earth’s core, your body and mind will start to slow down and relax. Experience the indoor Bath House, inspired by Japan’s traditional onsens, and take time to stop and slow your mind. Other available experiences include geothermal showers and footbaths.

Water has long been harnessed to encourage physical and emotional wellbeing. The water at Maruia Hot Springs is pure, chemical free and truly alive, providing a natural bathing experience. The water has a high mineral content, it contains a plethora of dissolved minerals that are infused as the water rises up from beneath the earth’s surface. These dissolved minerals often create distinct and unusual water colours, and habitat for often medicinally beneficial extremophilic algae.

Benefits of hot spring bathing include detoxification, improving blood circulation, cell oxygenising, improving digestion, normalising the endocrine glands and invigorating the automatic nervous system.

To contrast your hot springs bathing, a cold plunge pool provides cooling relief. The 8 degrees cold plunge pool helps boost immune function, reduces inflammation and pain, increases your metabolism and improves lymphatic drainage.


Feel the heat from the three different kinds of saunas and detox your body from the inside out. The infrared sauna provides detoxification, pain relief, improves cardiovascular health, improves skin health, increases weight loss and ultimate relaxation. The rock sauna reduces stress, relaxes muscles, soothes aches and pains, promotes detoxification, cleanses skin and supports deep sleep. Experience the steam room which deeply cleanses the skin and boost circulation while relaxing muscles and relieving tension. It is the perfect all over experience for detoxifying, revitalising and renewing the body’s natural state.


Maruia Hot Springs hosts the world’s first Extreme Wellness Retreat led by co-owner and wellness expert Professor Marc Cohen (aka Dr Marc). The six-day, five-night experience includes a selection of daily activities, such as sessions of forest bathing, sauna bathing, adventure bathing and bathing in Maruia’s natural geothermal pools while enjoying the iconic river valley views. The retreat will:

  • Expand your experience of comfort, relaxation and joy and explore the edge of your comfort zone.
  • Access the deep inner-well of your being and hack into your biological operating system though focused breathing, activity and relaxation sessions.
  • Discover lifestyle tweaks to overcome pain, inflammation and procrastination.
  • Practice mastery over your mind and body, and gain confidence you can perform feats you thought impossible.
  • Transform your world through bathing and simple lifestyle practices that build resilience, self-confidence and foster extreme wellness.

Visit www.maruiahotsprings.nz/retreats for more information.


Guest will enjoy a fresh, healthy and delicious dining experience when visiting Maruia Hot Springs. The cafe serves a selection of light meals, refreshing drinks and freshly ground coffee for you to enjoy throughout your day of bathing or even just for a quick stop on your travels. The simple, fresh dishes can be enjoyed in the cafe space which looks out over the stunning views of the Maruia River. During cooler months dine or enjoy a coffee next to the old stone fireplace. A little cafe with a lot of warmth and charm.

Overlooking the Maruia River and forest, the Riverstone Restaurant serves nourishing food with complete table service and is fully licensed. The chefs serve wholesome and fusion food in a beautiful setting. Relax and enjoy nourishing food for breakfast, lunch or dinner which can be shared with a loved one or friends. Riverstone restaurant prepares delicious meals using produce sourced on-site, including eggs which were freshly laid by Maruia’s own chickens as well as produce from the wider local region.

Things to remember

Accommodation bookings are highly recommended, especially during holiday periods.

How to get there

Maruia Hot Springs is located a scenic two-hour drive from Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island.

Connect with Maruia Hot Springs

W: maruiahotsprings.nz

P: +64 (0)3 523 8840

E: info@maruiahotsprings.nz

A: Maruia Hot Springs, State Highway 7, Lewis Pass 7895, New Zealand