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Explore the world with Vibrant Women Retreats

Explore the beautiful world with Vibrant Women Retreats

Credit: Vibrant Women Retreats

Vibrant Women encourages women to slow down and connect with themselves in beautiful locations, in a fun and supportive way, in the company of like-minded women. That is why Vibrant Women has developed retreats and inspirational journeys with comfort, natural beauty, friendship, personal development and affordability in mind.

The experience

Tammie Day from Vibrant Women began running retreats and sightseeing holidays for women because she couldn’t find a holiday that suited her needs. “There are so many retreats on the market now but eight years ago, I was struggling to find something that met my personal needs,” she says. “I wanted an affordable holiday with a little bit of yoga or meditation, (not five hours a day), yummy, mostly healthy food, (but not a juice detox), pampering spa treatments and activities that enabled me to connect with the spirit or culture of a place. I also wanted to do this with a group of like-minded women. So, after searching for more than 12 months unsuccessfully, I decided to create my own!”

With a background in counselling, working in women’s health centres, mindfulness and a love of travel, Tammie felt well placed to run retreats for women. Since launching Vibrant Women in 2012, she has not looked back and services now include sightseeing tours for women. “We realised that not all women wanted or were comfortable with a retreat experience, but they still wanted to travel within the safety a group of women,” she says.

Vibrant Women holidays are suitable for women over the age of 18 who are travelling on their own or with friends. You won’t need to think about anything; simply arrive and everything else is taken care of for you. Solo travellers can take the opportunity to reinvent themselves, reflect and do some exploring on their own as well as in the group. People travelling with friends will have wonderful memories to share. You can go to the website to read other women’s testimonials, indicating just what you can expect from a Vibrant Women retreat.

Retreat options

Vibrant Women partners with several tried-and-tested tour companies to offer retreats and inspirational journeys that focus on comfort, natural beauty, friendship, personal development and affordability. The result is a unique holiday experience that includes activities not usually found in cookie-cutter holiday options, such as spending a night at the Marigold Hotel in India (from the movie), cruising down the Nile River and dressing up like Cleopatra or glamping with the Berbers in the Sahara Desert and having a silent meditative camel ride as the sun sets. Vibrant Women’s top picks for 2018/2019 are, as you can tell, India, Morocco and Egypt.

Currently, Women’s Retreats are being held in Bali and Australia, (NSW and Queensland) and themes include self-care, creating life balance, restoring energy, mindfulness, meditation and art therapy. Visit Vibrant Women to view the full list of retreats and inspirational journeys.

Vibrant Women also offers private personalised retreats and sightseeing tours for more than 10 people. These can also include men and kids and are perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Since becoming so popular in the field of organised travel, Vibrant Women also offers training and coaching to women who would like to run their own retreats.

“I feel so fortunate to have created this amazing life for myself. People often tell me I have the dream job, which is totally true; however, if you have attended any or our trips, you will see the attention to detail and the amount of work that has gone into providing the best experience imaginable. I also think our testimonials and the photos on our website are a testament to this,” says Tammie.

Vibrant Women welcomes all enquiries. A lot of first-time solo travellers are nervous, so there are no stupid questions. Vibrant Women aims to ensure your needs are met, so please visit the website and contact the team for any further details; they would love to hear from you.

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