Journeys of the Spirit

There is a magic to inspirational travel experiences that will change your life and reawaken your sense of wonder. Bringing people together to explore the beauty and diversity of nature creates deep connections, something so many of us long for. Journeys of the Spirit cultivates just that — a unique wellness holiday, spiritual journey and travel experience for individuals and small groups where reconnection is at the heart.

Where it all began

It is often during a time of transition that we discover the need for something more, a deeper connection to self, nature and our community. This was the truth for founder Julie Baker 21 years ago. During a time of personal crisis, she followed her intuition and was compelled to pack her bags, seek unique destinations, learn from the wisdom of other cultures and lean more deeply into her own spiritual practices.

What followed was a journey of awakening, a regained sense of joy and vitality for life and a desire to share this experience with more people, empowering them to do the same. It was a natural evolution for Julie, bringing together her 34-year career in travel and marrying it with her spiritual practices, passion for food, and the wisdom of shamanic and natural healing. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Journeys of the Spirit was born.

The Journeys

Curating a Journey takes time. Journeys of the Spirit destination selections are either intuited or received in a meditation. Once the seed of destination is planted, connections are nurtured with guides, shamans, indigenous elders, chefs and accommodation providers. Attention to detail is at the core of all that Journeys of the Spirit does, together with special care and respect for local cultures. While no Journey is the same, magical moments are always discovered. Whether in a Small Group Journey or a Private Journey, you are at the heart of it in safe, supportive and nurturing luxury accommodation with pampering treatments, delicious healthy food and activities to make your spirit soar. Ample opportunity is provided for self-reflection or deep rest; Journeys of the Spirit wants you to come home feeling nourished, energised and full of vitality for life.

Bhutan, Himalayan Kingdom

Bhutan, the land of happiness, where culture and tradition remain intact and Buddhism has predominated since the 7th century. This magnificent kingdom is a land of ancient customs and traditional culture, with tiny temples perched high on mountaintops. Nestled between India and Tibet, with more than 70 per cent of the country covered in virgin forest, Bhutan boasts some of the world’s most dramatic scenery. You’ll easily feel nurtured by the people and the land. On this Journey, you follow the trail of Guru Rinpoche, weaving through the Bumthang region of the Drukpa people. This is a total immersion of spirit and culture that will joyously touch your heart and transform the way you see your world.

Ayurvedic Health Retreat, Kerala, India

Journey to Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda, and experience this 5000-year-old traditional form of healing and wisdom. Located in south-west India, this retreat represents the core essence of Journeys of the Spirit — a total wellbeing immersion for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self. Enjoy sublime Ayurvedic treatments for two hours every day, with yoga, meditation, pranayama, insightful conversation, inspirational company and deep relaxation.

Rejuvenation Retreat, Australia

Nestled within the hills of the Chittering Valley, Western Australia, this stunning property is surrounded by pristine state forest on all four boundaries. You will enjoy breathtaking views down to the majestic Avon River across the valleys of the surrounding national parks. Enjoy a weekend away to restore your body, mind and soul; Rejuvenation Retreat is a place to rest and be nurtured by the greatest source of energy: Mother Nature. Why not surrender all commitments and responsibilities for a weekend and allow yourself to receive nurturing and true nourishment among the trees? Kangaroos, kookaburras, emus, cockatoos, ancient lemon-scented eucalypt trees and brightly coloured wattles surround you on this stunning retreat. Breathe and bask in your peaceful surrounds as you spend two glorious days being nourished and inspired in the peaceful Australian bush.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, has a rawness that is unexpectedly confronting, in a good way. The red sandstone and rocks offer a backdrop of breathtaking beauty, evoking an air of wonder. The strong vortex energies of this red-rock country make Sedona a perfect place for sacred play. On this journey you work closely with shaman Chandra Sun Eagle to explore the four nature elements, native teachings on medicine wheels, earth energy practices, and cleansing your energy body for increasing your vital life force. You’ll experience shamanic sound healing, fire ceremonies and meditative gentle hiking. Along with nutritious local food prepared by the in-house chef, yoga, massage and shamanic healing sessions are offered, all within the folds of the luxurious private residence, purpose built to align with the sacred geometry of the land.

Aurora Borealis, Scandinavia

Wild landscapes, forests, fjords, fabulous foods, stunning water villages, the Sami culture — the oldest existing European Indigenous people who are traditionally nomadic reindeer herders. On this journey you will experience the original healing land of the sauna, hot tub, Swedish massage and more. Excite your senses through the incredible local art and Scandinavian design. Evoke your spirit of childlike wonder through experiencing the phenomenon of the Northern Lights, one of the most breathtaking and inspirational wonders of our natural world. Come dance and play amid the greatest light show on earth.

Kumano Kodo, Japan

For centuries people have walked the Kumano Kodo knowing that this journey can bring peace and contentment. For 1200 years the isolated Kumano route has been an experience of healing and deep connection in the lush mountains of Wakayama, the spiritual heartland of Japan. This pilgrimage stretches across the Kii Peninsula on the island of Honshu, taking you off the beaten track into a world of stunning scenery, soothing hot springs, delicious food and authentic Ryokan accommodation. This walk takes you to the three Grand Shrines through tiny villages, along pristine mountain trails shrouded by 800-year-old giant trees, enjoying the abundance of nature in its autumn glow — truly the land of the gods.

Camino, Spain

The Camino de Santiago is a network of ways that lead to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, north-west Spain. This pilgrimage is an empowering journey along the Camino Francés, walking where Francis of Assisi ventured before us. Your camino sees you weaving through an intimate and untouched area of Spain filled with stunning farmlands, fields of colourful flowers, tiny hamlets and staying at luxurious rural inns. It is a total immersion into the spiritual essence of Galicia, the greenest, most vibrant region of Spain, abundant with produce and gastronomic delights. Highlights include cheeses, seafood, albarinõ wine, paella, olives, tree-ripened fruit, empanadas and the irresistible Tarta de Santiago, a traditional divine almond cake that is a guilt-free treat and perfect energy boost along The Way. With a culture steeped in spiritual history, it is easy to understand why many have the realisation when they arrive in Santiago that the real journey has just begun. Your Camino Journey will inspire you to view life with a refreshed perspective.

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Esme Fresco

Esme Fresco

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