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Where will adventure take you?

There’s never been a better time to forge your own adventure and explore the many local wonders of Australia than now — and there’s no better way to do that than in the comfort of your own 4×4 ute.

Some of our most attractive local destinations are accessible primarily by off-road vehicles. Whether you want to connect to country, explore the wilderness or simply let your inner wanderer direct your travel without limitation or boundary, a ute is an easy way to do it.

Before going off-road, choose a vehicle that has intelligent safety and driver-assist features to share the workload of your journey—like the GWM all-new Cannon XSR Ute. With active cruise control, keyless entry and push-button start, 18-inch alloy wheels and sophisticated Comfort-Tek seats, this vehicle will ensure you make your next off-road journey in comfort and style. Automatic LED headlights, a reverse camera, lane-keep assist and AEB with pedestrian and bicycle detection are just some of the other features of this power-packed ute.

Once you’ve selected your vehicle, it’s time to hit the road. Here are a few of our favourite off-road destinations that make for the perfect winter getaway.


On K’Gari (formerly Fraser Island), unspoilt sandy beaches are fringed by towering rainforests and dissected by whimsical walks and paths. Nature is at its finest here, with one of the best ways to see it by four-wheel drive. Seventy-five Mile Beach is an actual highway that operates along the entire surf side of the island. A 4×4 vehicle is perfect for this destination. Choose one with a luxurious interior and you’ll enjoy comfort and convenience as you explore the island while letting your adrenaline soar.


Rugged rainforest beauty is calling you to explore at the Cape York Peninsula. Winter is the perfect time to visit this tropical destination, with rainfall lighter now than in the summer/wet season and temperatures averaging around the low- to mid-twenties.

A hardy off-road vehicle is a must for a journey like this, with a pair of spare tyres, an extra tank of fuel and lots of water all recommended for voyagers to Queensland’s final frontier. Yet all the preparation is well and truly worth it—visit here and discover ancient native flora, diverse local fauna and a cultural experience like no other.


Kakadu National Park is a location like no other. Connect to the oldest living on culture on earth and explore this untouched natural destination. Take a trip along the Kakadu Highway to visit Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, and fall in love with these breathtaking natural beauties that you can’t access in a two-wheel-drive vehicle. Continue your 4×4 exploration and reach Maguk, home to a dazzling waterfall that spills over the gorge and into a pristine plunge pool where you can treat yourself to some water therapy.


Adventure abounds around every corner in Victoria’s High Country. Take your 4×4 and explore this home to jaw-dropping views and rugged mountain terrain.

Stay in one of the idyllic campgrounds and make a weekend of your journey, or seek out one of the many rivers or waterfalls and marvel at this natural beauty located so close to one of our nation’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Lauren Clarke

Lauren Clarke

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