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End of an Era: outer planetary transits in review

Take a retrospective look at the outer planetary transits we’ve been living with for several years and their impact on our current state of affairs

In this era of immense change, initiated in 2020 with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the Grand Mutation into the Age of Air, it’s worth it to take the time to see what growth emerged in your life under these transits.

Since 2018, the collective Uranus in Taurus has brought big shake-ups in the realm of money, food and land; things in life we like stable, calm and with minimal disruption. Neptune in Pisces (2011) helped us to dream and create the most idealistic possibilities for humanity, even if there were some smoke and mirrors, too. Instagram and Netflix are two manifestations of escaping into alternative realities. In 2008, Pluto in Capricorn continued to see the edifices of power erode as the elite got more desperate and sloppier in their grab for tyrannical power.


Uranus in Taurus has been in your 2nd House of resources, galvanising your relationship to money and other movable possessions. What do you value? Where did you learn those values? Were there old ways of thinking, of managing your money, that in truth were holding you back? Uranus was working on upgrading your relationship to all that you value, including your body as your very first resource.

Uranus needs to take you into your future, insisting on big leaps. Uranus can also play out as trauma if we cling to old ways that are not helping and holding us back. Money is emotional, and emotions tend to be slow. You often feel better being conservative with your wealth. Uranus needs you to grow and expand your capacity to adapt to new ways of working with money and resources in this rapidly changing world.

Neptune in Pisces in your 12th House gave you a lovely invitation into the dream world, the place where you escape from regular life and connect to a higher power. Neptune helped to dissolve anything in the way of your spiritual life. But if you resisted or rejected the invitation, then Neptune may have fogged you out and left you feeling confused and adrift. Neptune’s job in your life has been to dissolve anything in the way of your connection to God — or whatever you want to call him/her/it. This has been about solitude as a soothing balm and synchronicities guiding you along your journey.

Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of mastery has been in your 10th House of career, public reputation and vocation. This was a super intense period for your work — meaning your “big work” in the world. Pluto challenged you to find your footing and stand up tall in your full power. Pluto’s job is empowerment, but he’s never hesitant to show you where you’re lacking. The year 2022 was the last full year in that sign, for the next 250 years, and will leave for good in 2024, so you might forgive his possibly brutal intensity in the name of massive growth and power in how you represent yourself in the world.


Uranus in Taurus in your 1st House has been about challenging you to grow. You may have felt compelled to change up your appearance in some edgy or eccentric way, and it definitely affected the way you came across to people. Normally, Venus ruled Taurus is serene, grounded and largely chill. This transit, which ends in 2026, stirs you up in ways that you normally never experience. Uranus has an 84-year cycle, so having it transit your solar first house is a very big deal. It might have affected you physically in a way that created some anxiety or possibly insomnia. As this influence is not yet over, my advice is to eat simply with high protein and carb-type vegetables, and minimise the stimulants. Also, put your bare feet on the ground to discharge excess electricity in your system that the Great Awakener delivers.

Neptune in Pisces in your 11th House brought some deception into your peer groups. Perhaps someone new joined your social circle and initially seemed like the cat’s meow but ultimately wasn’t what they appeared to be. Maybe Neptune’s influence was shown by your friends getting into a helpful relationship with psychedelics, or perhaps getting hooked on Neptune’s trident with problematic drinking. Either way, you likely spent some part of this cycle learning how to have boundaries with your friends rather than just going along with the group. You may have even needed to set out and find some new friends that felt more aligned with your budding new spiritual interests.

Pluto in Capricorn in your 9th House brought an atmosphere of huge lessons around the meaning of life, college, travel or school. These areas have been under Pluto’s transformational influence since 2008. Perhaps you have been in some sort of higher education program in this time, as Pluto has insisted upon your growth in terms of your higher mind. Or maybe you experienced some sort of major death and rebirth having to do with a religious or spiritual transition. A leader or an important teacher could have entered your life, forever changing your world view. One way or another, you are preparing to graduate from this long transit in 2024, so take anything to do with these topics very seriously this year.


Uranus in Taurus in your solar 12th House has been shooting blue lightning bolts through your house of dreams and spirituality. It’s the kind of vibe that created electrical downloads that upgraded your ability to commune with the divine. It may have brought strange dreams that needed to be decoded to understand the messages. There may have been some shocking or revealing of secrets under this transit. As we are not done with this until 2026, be careful between now and then with any information you want to keep secret.

Neptune in Pisces in your solar 10th House brought a little extra something special to your career and overall life direction. This is the kind of magic that, having spent a little time in meditation each day and setting intentions for your work would have been greatly enhanced. You only have another year or so of this, so if you didn’t do it yet, maybe try it this year. Neptune here may have added some confusion to your life-goals trajectory. It’s possible that you were not seen for who you are at work but rather what other people wanted you to be.

Pluto in Capricorn in your 8th House continued its journey through your house of sex, death and shared resources last year, as it has since 2008. You have been apprenticing to the great mystery and have been tested to evolve or die in the face of your own mortality. The year 2022 was the last full year of this work, meaning it was a heavy year for you. You may have lost someone or something important that catalysed a deep descent into the contemplation of life and death and the afterlife.


Uranus in Taurus in your solar 11th House has seen growth and change in your friend’s sector. By growth, I mean upgrades. Who got to stay and who needed to go in order for you to evolve into new forms and shapes in the world of your peers? You may have made some brand-new types of friends, who are different from your old types, or you may have rebelled against your old friends, as you have grown and changed in ways that mean you don’t fit in in the same way anymore. The overall theme of Uranus’s influence has been flexibility.

Neptune in Pisces in your 9th House really wanted you to spend some time contemplating the meaning of life and your place in it, as a spiritual journey. This was a cycle to expand the part of your life where you need to know your place on the map of life. As such, you may have explored some new philosophies or studied something new and spiritual. Travel may have been extra magical and possibly fraught with confusion.

Pluto in Capricorn has been in your 7th House since 2008, with Pluto insisting that you grow through “the other”. Partnership in its many phases and faces has been the arena of your greatest challenges, precipitating your greatest growth. As 2022 was the last full year of this, the lessons would have been profound. Some partnerships have been lost and some have been strengthened during this period — the ones that grew stronger are true gold.


Uranus in Taurus has been in your solar 10th House of career, since 2018, and has brought confrontational challenges to make you grow in some big ways, and many of the challenges were upsetting, but if you leaned into them, the result was helpful evolution in your work. Untenable situations had to be weeded out but some challenges were worthy of meeting and saw you becoming more powerful as a result, in a way that is now a part of you.

Neptune in Pisces in your 8th House may have brought some struggles with addiction or perhaps spiritual attacks. This transit you’ve been under since 2011 is still at play until 2025, so take your spiritual hygiene as seriously as your physical hygiene and you will effectively protect yourself. Shared resources may have given you some difficulty or, conversely, a surprise inheritance may have appeared.

Pluto in Capricorn has been working over your 6th House of health since 2008 and has asked you in no uncertain terms to get your health together by virtue of all the things you do each day, to stave off chaos and illness. The to-do list may not be the most glamorous part of each day, but try to let it go completely for a while and see what happens to your life and health. Pluto may have insisted you grow through a health scare that got you out of your delusions and into better daily habits.


Uranus in Taurus in your 9th House last year pushed you to “get it into gear” and take on a new skill that will help you survive on a practical level, but with some link to the Divine as well. Gardening could well be a great example of this. If you haven’t done this, it’s not too late as Uranus is here until 2026. As a Virgo, another natural option is to study herbal medicine or any other modality that combines body, mind and spirit.

Neptune in Pisces in your solar 7th House has been the quintessential rose-coloured-glasses situation. It could have brought a very spiritual partner or it could have brought someone who wasn’t who they first seemed to be. You may have experienced an existing relationship becoming vague or confusing or dealt with a partner doing some shady business. You might have met someone new who seemed promising but was a project and who needed to be saved. Neptune’s mystical leanings might have added a new thread of spiritual growth to your marriage.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th House may have brought a crazy intense love affair that left you transformed by pleasure. There is always a profundity brought to the house Pluto is transiting. Since 2008, this has included love affairs, kids and creativity. Love affairs either brought you the intensity and profound growth or the object of your attention did. You have needed deep, passionate intimacy under this astrology. If this union created a child, that child is destined to be very intense and passionate as well. You were shown the weak links in your parenting and/or your approach to art, hobbies and creative endeavours, and were challenged to grow beyond these limitations.


Uranus in Taurus has been in your 8th House, sparking growth in themes around sex and death. Libra doesn’t always want to go into the deep end of the pool, but Uranus flashed his lightning and insisted. Perhaps you learned a hard lesson about trusting someone, or perhaps you were rewarded for it, and it took you to a new level.

Neptune in Pisces in your 6th House brought themes around health, where you may have felt extra tired and susceptible to stress. This transit is also known for creating great sensitivity to medication. With Neptune here, you may have been overwhelmed by normal doses of medication you have taken before with no problems. Neptune could have also shown as mould sensitivity. Neptune doesn’t love schedules and this may have been a tricky time to stay consistent with taking all of your supplements and keeping
a good work routine going.

Pluto in Capricorn spent 2023 starting to wrap things up in your 4th House of home and family, after camping out there since 2008. Things have inevitably changed a great deal in that part of your life since that time. Pluto wants you to feel powerful and his method is to point out where you are not so that you may grow in response, but his bedside manner can be lacking. Your roles or responsibilities to family members may have changed last year, asking you to go into the deep end of the pool in terms of intensity. Old buried family traumas may have risen to the surface, asking to be felt and healed. This year may see you finally close the lid on some of these issues.


Uranus has spent the past several years in your solar 7th House, which is not exactly solid peace and quiet in the partnership department. Uranus may have brought someone passing through your life like a shooting star, brilliant and brief, but with it a legitimate upgrade to the way you operate within relationships. Existing relationships need to grow with Uranus here, and it will continue to evolve this sector of your life through 2026.

Neptune in Pisces in your 5th House of romance, art and kids could have also brought some exciting yet fleeting action in the love department, as your romantic life was more colourful and richer under Neptune’s touch. You felt extra romantic but were also subject to seeing only what you wanted to see. This was an “in love with love” transit that won’t complete until 2025, so watch out for those rose-coloured glasses. This was an extra good period for creativity. If you gave birth under this cycle, then this is an extra special, magical child.

Pluto in Capricorn in your 3rd House has been teaching you to be more powerful in your communication since 2008. The year 2022 was the beginning of the end, so themes of how you think, write and speak were very activated at this time. This could also have meant the loss of a beloved sibling. Pluto here prompted very deep thinking and caused you to question some long-held views and beliefs. You may have felt extra private and even paranoid about people in your life.


Uranus in Taurus in the 6th House may have precipitated a sudden health crisis that made you need to up your game in order to recover. Uranus will be in this house for a few more years, so if nothing happened so far, take this as a helpful warning to willingly shift your focus to higher quality daily self-care so you can stay healthy without having to have a wakeup call.

Neptune in Pisces in the 4th House has been a nebulous influence for some time. On a positive note, it could indicate a nourishing and imaginative meditation practice in your home. A negative expression could have been mould or leaking pipes in or under your house.

You have been very idealistic with your family, which could have caused a few problems as you attempted to find yourself within an unrealistic family model but spent some time lost in the fog. During this cycle, which will last until 2025, you may have found that you needed more sleep than usual and that you were easily drained.

Pluto in Capricorn has been renovating your 2nd House of resources since 2008, and the past few years have been no exception. Pluto catalyses immense growth though revealing the problems first. So, if you had a problematic year with money, give thanks for the boost in the direction of letting go of old self sabotaging habits and the space to implement savvier options.


Uranus in Taurus in your 5th House asked you to take your commitment to creativity, joy and fun to the next level. It may have zapped you in some way that made you see how you’ve been too serious, and acknowledge how much you need to cut loose.

Neptune in Pisces in your 3rd House has been boosting your intuition and imagination. You may have found yourself drawn to more spiritual topics such as meditation. Neptune could have inspired you to try your hand at poetry or song writing to express your thoughts and feelings. This transit might have made you more forgetful than normal, which is a side effect of the magic that Neptune in Pisces brought to your house of communication and learning.

Pluto in Capricorn in your 1st House has been a potent transforming presence since 2008, with 2022 the last full year of this transit. You were asked to look in the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself about what’s working and what needs to change on an identity level. This has been about reclaiming your personal power. Anything that has held you back from being who you really are was left behind. You were, and still are, tapping into your inner power, transforming through a slow process of self-empowerment. This is an intense energy that others can feel upon meeting you.


Last year, Uranus in Taurus in your 4th House continued the theme of shaking up your foundation. You might have needed to move suddenly or found out something you didn’t know about where you live, or possibly about your family. Hopefully, if you needed to relocate, your new situation was an improvement, as is the intention of Uranus the Change Maker/Upgrader.

Neptune in Pisces in your 2nd House might have changed your value system in a way that you began to factor in more than just material wealth. You may have begun to value spiritual wealth or you could have begun to recognise the value of nature in a new way. This transit will continue to affect you until 2025, so be careful as it can signify some financial insecurity rooted in you being careless or too hopeful about your financial situation, rather than being practical.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th House last year brought an intense focus on spiritual and psychological growth. You were in a deep and private process of confronting buried parts of your nature, your own inner ghosts if you will. This may have been a year of scary dreams and possibly a powerful enemy. Being honest with yourself was the only way to navigate this difficult territory.


Uranus in Taurus in your 3rd House indicates that you may have got tired or bored of old ways of thinking. You might have been drawn to some new lines of thought or courses of study, things that wouldn’t have interested you before. You may have changed your routines and shaken things up a bit in a way that felt good — new oxygen. Siblings or neighbours may have served as catalysts over this transit.

Neptune in Pisces in your 1st House has sensitised you even more — if you can believe that. Under this transit, you’ve a veritable sponge, getting vibes off of everyone you met. This is a very magnetic transit, so people may have been extra drawn to you last year, seeing you as extra dreamy and magical.

Pluto in Capricorn has been in your 11th House since 2008, with last year a continued a theme around death and rebirth in your circle of friends. You may have realised some associations were no longer a good match for you and allowed them to drop away, or you may have met some powerful new friends who were into a deeper form of occult magic than you had ever known.

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Paetra Tauchert

Paetra Tauchert

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