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Your September & October Horoscope is here!

Delve into the world of astrology and find out what’s in store for you in the coming months with our September & October horoscope.


Mercury brings a Retro cycle to Virgo Time, prompting you look back to learn. When Retro Mercury leads the way, you can benefit greatly from thorough research, from poking around behind the scenes. From September 4–25 your focus builds, with most effective results after September 15. Then Mercury directly energises your plans, plus
a Virgo New Moon seeds a fresh start to your year. Creative pleasures move up another level on October 9 when Venus enters Virgo, ensuring rich rewards as October unfolds.


Venus, your lovely ruler, is vibrant in Leo, finally shifting into her strongest cycle on September 4. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra makes opportune links with Venus from September 17 to October 4. You shine, and in early October, you often find yourself in the right place at the right time. However, Mars in Libra warns you to sidestep any power struggles from October 5–9. With Moon’s South Node in Libra, your New Moon on October 15 is an annular eclipse, and old soul business calls for receptivity, simplicity of lifestyle.


From September 4 Venus moves ahead, retracing a path that probably confused your priorities during August. By New Moon on September 15, many Earth and Water harmonies open doors for you. Now you can maximise fortunate Jupiter and Awakener Uranus, together in your partner sign. September 16–21 and September 25 to October 1 are times to deepen emotional connections and allow unexpected opportunities to unfold. Mars enters Scorpio on October 12, so extra energy leads you now and through November. October 13 and 22–24 are shifting points when creative expression flowers.


With your ruler Jupiter in the sign of the fertile Earth, you engage body wisdom, needing more time in nature. Old physical complaints respond well to a simple, healthy lifestyle, to soaking up beauty, whether travelling or at home. September 4–16 midwives a great start, so carry this through, even when busy. Since Saturn and Neptune are in your home sector, someone’s control or neediness issues may threaten a goal you have been working towards on September 17–19, October 3–10. Be kind, but firm. From October 15’s New Moon, both your mental clarity and intuition step up to guide you.


Now that Time Lord Saturn is making harmonious links with Capricorn, your key to success is being authentically yourself — responsible, capable, but with large doses of Pisces empathy. Saturn in Pisces previews its best to come on September 4, 23, October 6, 13 and 22–24. The winning combo of easy-flowing Pisces and right-on-track Capricorn can be your good luck charm for the next two years! Pluto is also moving through Capricorn until late January 2024, so great transformations are possible.


Saturn in your Underworld sector of unconscious needs demands a soulful approach to daily life, an effort to look deeper than the clever mind. Uranus plays out in more obvious ways in the bosom of home and family, where sudden chaos can occur when least expected. Happily, both planets have many good allies during September and October. Yet September 27–30 needs careful navigation, especially the Full Moon. An intuitive approach will protect you from October 8–10, and October 15’s New Moon initiates a soulful new start.


Saturn pushes for realism and structure to manifest dreams, while Neptune wants you to dive deep into the dream. Fortunately, Pisces’ Full Moon on August 31 features your planet, so Jupiter has the last word: until September 26, Jupiter in Taurus repeats earthy harmonies with Mercury. This means you easily ground your dreams in hands-on efforts, readily communicating your vision to others, receiving support. By October 21, Venus joins Jupiter’s earthy dance, Mars keeps you determined and late October shows clear results.


Your leading planet Mars travels through Libra, sign of balance, until October 12. A cool head and sensitivity to your groups keeps you on track with those vocational goals that Pluto has been deepening since mid-June. Extra insight comes with Aries Full Moon on September 29, a Moon to dream upon. October 15 New Moon and eclipse emphasises your public face, evoking a shift, long-building. With Mars now strong and working with Saturn, this shift eclipses self-doubt, freeing you to build the solid new structures your vocation demands.


As giant Jupiter and change agent Uranus travel through Taurus, life is bigger somehow, probably with a touch of chaos. Earthy harmonies with these planets in September and October help your peace of mind, cementing order and structure. Lover Venus keeps your home life sparkling, creative energy high through September and October, peaking October 1–4. Additional Water harmonies from both Neptune and Saturn in Pisces keep your central core fluid, as the October 29’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus demonstrate.


Mercury begins September Retro in Virgo in your sector of home and family. Some secrets could reveal themselves on September 15–16, around Virgo New Moon. Inner stillness is needed then, to let your real insights and intentions take shape. With Sun, Moon and Mercury as guides, you can navigate a peaceful balance of home and work. The dance of Mercury and change agent Uranus on October 1 means reinvention takes its shape. New Moon on October 15 is a chance to let go old regrets,
to embrace life’s gifts.


September begins just hours after a Full Moon in your adventure sign, so you are primed and ready for a big month. Jupiter and change- maker Uranus dance up a storm, likely expanding friendships from September 4 to October 4. This opens communication doors, brings you out of hiding. Achievement and fun, a sprinkle of surprise, all coincide at September 29’s wild Full Moon. The new Libra cycle from September 23 makes family a bigger focus, and Full Moon illuminates the polarities.


Lover Venus has been Retro in Leo for months, and on September 4 she moves into direct motion. Your gratitude for life’s abundance is the open door. With Sun and Mercury now in Virgo, accenting your finances in helpful ways, you start to get serious about practical matters. From September 4–16, then September 21–25 and finally on October 1–4, you experience an easy flow. However, October 9–10 requires caution with outgoings. Voicing yourself in your world takes on a more expansive quality after October 15’s New Moon.

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Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See astrologyspot.com.au or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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