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Your stars for 2024

Discover what the stars have in store for you in 2024! We deep dive into your friendships, family and finances. Discover it all!


March 21–April 19

Symbol Ram
Ruling planet Mars
Catchphrase “I am.”

The great strength of Aries is the spontaneous energy that drives your love of life.

Spontaneity serves the communication that is all-important in 2024. While the Ram can alienate others with overkill or anger, Aries also magnetically attracts, with warm sincerity. Tactful reserve matters. Hearts are won or lost this year. April 9’s total solar eclipse in Aries can be the start of an exciting new life phase, when frustrating delays finally shift. Beneficial Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 26, really moving your communication platforms along. April 29 to June 7, then late June through July, support important developments, including any real estate concerns.

August requires conscious cautious navigation, especially Full Moon, yet August 26 through mid-September opens another door on travel and on healing relationships. Late September through to late October brings satisfying connections that support home and family. At October 17’s Full Moon in Aries, you can celebrate the benefits of having made the time to update neglected practicalities. Conversely, whatever they may be, neglected tasks suddenly become urgent, demanding attention. Chiron in Aries heals your life, when you attend to these. Once cleared, your creative fire rises. Now, a home and family focus can happily dominate November and December.


April 20–May 20

Symbol Bull
Ruling planet Venus
Catchphrase “I have.”

The good things of life matter to Taurus. 2024 promises to provide you with these, since generous Jupiter is in Taurus until late May. Change agent Uranus is also in Taurus and joins Jupiter in late April, a time for surprises. Meanwhile, transformative Pluto influences your vocation, and deep ambitions may start to assert themselves. Then Pluto harmonies that occur in the first week of April and early May show good results from your January and February efforts. This is evidence that uncharted territory can spell success. Do not get anxious about the unknown; just balance your emotions by also claiming more time for simple pleasures. Feeling liberated may be the result.

All accelerates at Taurus New Moon on May8, with a Taurus Team of five planets. Change is the game and Venus requests you enjoy it. When Jupiter links up with Venus in Taurus on May 23, another celebration is in order. Helpful Saturn links support hard work and integrity all year, while Uranus helps you seize the moment to gain success. Finances blossom in June, July and early October, but August presents a bill. By Full Moon in Taurus on November 16, you allow instinctive limits to protect your energy, attracting respect in the process.


May 21–June 20

Symbol Twins
Ruling planet Mercury
Catchphrase “I think.”

While life may appear to stand still in late February and parts of March, growth occurs slowly behind the scenes. Planet Saturn applies to your vocation, so slow and steady is the rule. Plant strong intentions on March 22, give persistence another boost on April 11–19, and you are on a roll. A rare trio – Sun enters Gemini on May 20, then lover Venus joins in on May 24, and on May 26, beneficial Jupiter also joins Gemini for a year. This is big news. An excellent start to your new solar year, suggesting pleasure and excitement galore. If Love governs your communication, relationships will prosper now.

Saturn may present hard vocational or financial choices mid-June, but June 27 to July 12 shifts the story. Your work commands respect and good fortune follows. If an authority figure is hostile from mid to late August keep a low profile, hide your light, but still shine. Any grand plan dreamed up mid-June that comes back from September 3–21 will require a reality check, thanks to Neptune’s influence. With Venus harmonies from October 18 to November 5 and December 15’s Gemini Full Moon bonanza, love and happy events keep bubbling up now.


June 21–July 22

Symbol Crab
Ruling planet Moon
Catchphrase “I feel.”

Sign of the Crab, linked to the Great Mother, Cancer can be a self-renewing and selfcontained force. This inner law of your being supports you to give love and support to others. 2024 may exhaust you at times, yet, even then, planet Saturn bolsters your inner strength. Home pleasures and exciting plans engage extra energy from March 10–19. Then, from April 1–13, Mars dances with Saturn and plans get real. Venus smiles upon May 8’s New Moon, boosting your social connections and roles, helping a strong goal to emerge. By persevering, you will reach it.

Your Cancer New Moon on July 6 aligns Sun, Moon and Venus. This augurs well for loving relationships, adding energy and drive to your worldly roles. A Mars and Uranus dance makes mid-July a little crazy, producing a creative burst. Although early August extends creativity in practical ways, August 16–23 needs caution: don’t let recycling hopes and fears erode your strength. Be flexible with those around you; recharge with regular rest and September will provide fertile soil for success. October 3’s Eclipse and New Moon begins a new phase for home and family. October 17’s Full Moon then accents your vocation, carrying a healing theme.


July 23–August 22

Symbol Lion
Ruling planet Sun
Catchphrase “I will.”

From Leo Full Moon of January 26 to Leo New Moon on August 4 you are a force to be  reckoned with, renewed by planet Pluto in your partner sign from January 21, strengthened from March 10 to April 6 and refreshed by Mars in early May. A featuring role in your joyous hopeful progress is the people you love. Make full use of this time. The Lion specialises in radiant self-confidence and creative zest, but not always empathy. Yet Pluto will demand that you take time to feel how other people feel, deepening authentic relationships.

May 8 New Moon is a special juncture when every planet except Pluto is clustered in a massive group. May is an opportunity to expand your vocational reach, to address flaws in the system and wounds that demand attention. Your dealings with others benefit greatly. When on May 26 generous Jupiter shifts into your networking sign, your reach expands for a year. This is most effective from June 6 to early August. Another positive step comes from October 3–8 when a New Moon and a Mercury–Jupiter dance evoke great collaborations. November enriches home and family bonds. A sense of being at peace with yourself is a gift of this year.


August 23–September 22

Symbol Virgin Persephone, fertility goddess
Ruling planet Mercury
Catchphrase “I analyse.”

Beneficial Jupiter supports travel and adventure for Virgo in the first five months of the year then shifts emphasis to your vocation from June, 2024. A big year gets bigger from February 29 through to April 4, making it opportune for both your personal and professional relationships. Yet only a disciplined approach and transparency with others will bring the success you want. May 18 to June 6 can renew your vision, strengthening your foundations. Yet June 8–17 may raise Saturnian control and power issues, which cannot be ignored. Call upon your strengths of reflection and analysis. June 27 through to July 22 is again productive to maximise. With both Saturn and Neptune in your partner sign, beware letting practical matters obscure the shifts in personal matters.

Guru Mercury enters Virgo on July 26, shifting into Retro movement on August 5. Depending on others can be a trap from August 15–23. Social events can affect your plans. September 3 hosts an unpredictable Virgo New Moon, due to Saturn’s prominence. Happily, by September 8 Mercury is back on side, moving fast and supporting all your communication needs. Now a following is easily achieved, guided by your willingness to also serve those you would lead.


September 23–October 22

Symbol Scales
Ruling planet Venus
Catchphrase “I balance.”

Ruled by lovely Venus, you seek balance and beauty. Eclipses occurring now in Libra/Aries complicate this by stirring up old soul business. Full Moon in Libra on March 25 sets the scene with a lunar eclipse, accenting relationships, asking: What do you yearn for? A feeling wound, long buried, may need release. Contemplating such things is helpful and frees you to engage with heartfelt goals at the New Moon of April 9. This solar eclipse can enable you to release something that blocks inner needs.

A shift on May 24–26 sees first Venus then Jupiter enter your adventure sign. With these on side, the adventures of mind and body now expand for a year. Venus identifies May 25 to June 7 as the special opportunity zone. Vocation gets the benefits from your Libran ability to ponder and weigh things from late June through to late July. August may test your resolve, but when Venus enters Libra on August 30, authenticity and sincerity pave your path. Enthusiasm builds as September 18’s Full Moon approaches. Then Libra New Moon on October 3 begins a new solar year, with Moon eclipsing Sun. This means your feeling needs can readily achieve a balance with outer world demands.


October 23–November 21

Symbol Scorpion
Ruling planet Mars/Pluto
Catchphrase “I create.”

Scorpio is aroused to make meaningful changes. Pluto is dredging up family secrets and Uranus waking up partnerships. 2024 helps you change things that block your peace of mind, partly self-imposed by your fixed qualities. Now a new lightness of being calls you. You are one of the signs helped by both Saturn and Jupiter in March and April. High spots are March 1–11, March 22 to April 4 and April 20–30. A Full Moon in Scorpio on April 24 brings family and home matters to the fore, so beware excessive reactions. The meeting of Jupiter and Uranus suggests that partners are an agent of necessary change.

April is a catalyst for the self-examination that May and June support. A greater sense of being the guardian of what you love is the reward. Devotion is the part of Scorpio’s nature, yet holding on to old hurts can undermine. Things lighten considerably in July and early August; vocation also receives a boost. When “ruler” Mars enters your adventure sign on September 5, a productive path leads all the way to New Moon in Scorpio on November 2. You easily reconcile those opposite forces that bring so many insights to Scorpio.


November 22–December 21

Symbol Centaur
Ruling planet Jupiter
Catchphrase “I perceive.”

Fiery and free-spirited, your need for adventures of mind and body is strong. 2024 plays a decisive role in that, arousing wanderlust, freeing you up for more enjoyment. March 12–23 and April 9–12 are likely to demand that you focus your energy on home. Venus in your love and pleasure sign from April 5–28 which can indicate fulfilling adventures. A Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23 is transformative, spurred on by a surprise. When on May 26 your ruling planet Jupiter enters Gemini for a year, you engage with new people more readily. Romance, partnership and your adventurous spirit all grow. Foundations are laid between May 30 and June 7.

When Mars meets Jupiter on August 4, your sense of enterprise goes into overdrive. Enterprising ways to support more travel and more learning. Revisit this in mid- September to galvanise ideas. Then October 5–22 easily gets plans moving. If you want your efforts to produce lasting results, take your time developing schemes. New Moon in Sagittarius on December 1 is aligned with a Retro Mercury and supported by Mars. Be prepared to review all plans and ready to reconnect with old friends now.


December 22–January 19

Symbol Goat
Ruling planet Saturn
Catchphrase “I use.”

In 2024 the Goat finds a new sense of liberation as Pluto exits Capricorn. From your New Moon on January 11 to a rare two Full Moons in Capricorn mid-year, you are shifting on many levels. Despite some obstacles to progress, happiness follows each small step. March 10 kicks into gear with a New Moon prompt to make the changes your deeper feelings demand. On the same day, communicator Mercury enters your home zone, retracing a Retro path from April 2–26. Encouraged by April 9’s eclipse, you revisit an important conversation that had been shelved. Loving relationships benefit as becomes clear in May. Reaching the first Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22, another door opens. From June 27–30 wonderful plans that are unusually exciting take shape.

It is your second Full Moon on July 21 that evokes a long-held dream, coinciding with Venus–Jupiter support for travel and adventure. Pluto’s role engages emotional honesty. The additional earthy harmonies of early August and September suggest that the worries and pressures you carry as burdens are ready to shift too. This “rebirth” energy rises again in November when Water sign harmonies act as a cradle. By December 15’s Full Moon your ideas fire you up.


January 20–February 18

Symbol Water bearer
Ruling planet Uranus/Saturn
Catchphrase “I know.”

Aquarius, your strong thinking skills and depth insight pave your way. Perceiving the deeper realities helps you navigate the tricky Pluto terrain of 2024. A chaotic profusion of energies opens the lid on overlooked areas of life. When awareness emerges from the dark, see it as a friend. Say “No” to premature efforts and bad timing and put your heart into the inspiration and guidance you provide to others.

March 11–22 provides birthing energy for new projects and creative ideas. Keep it small and simple. A Mercury Retro cycle through April provides a perfect chance to review and look behind the scenes of anything involving communication. Home is your nest in a storm of busyness this year. Jupiter boosts your personal creativity and children-related matters from May 26. Beginnings made in early June prosper in July, but need protection around August 20’s Full Moon. It is September 26 to mid-October when another growth spurt is helpful.

November and December 2024 reinforce the fact that you can have satisfying success in small matters, but you need to beware reaching too far and depleting your energy. It is emotional intelligence of this kind that comes as a Pluto in Aquarius gift for you, which will  greatly enrich your life.


February 19–March 20

Symbol Two fish
Ruling planet Neptune/Jupiter
Catchphrase “I believe.”

Pisces, in the first half of 2024 life will seize you. Solitude and dreaming time will probably take a back seat to the busy buzz. Strip communication of all mixed messages and thoroughly explore all potential plans to avoid exhaustion. If you fall into Saturn traps of controlling or being controlled, frustration results. Make Saturn a friend by clearly defining boundaries. Your Pisces New Moon on March 10 hooks into a vitalising link with Uranus and your sense of being author of your own story expands. March 17 to April 19 is creative and intuitive, helping you plant the seeds of a new life phase, maturing mid to late May.

June 7–18 requires careful navigation, so refuse to be distracted or reactive under pressure. The first half of July shifts the agenda to a creative flow, with many traps from August 16–29. Hold to your truth and know that if you are sincere, you have success in your heart. September 18’s Pisces Full Moon sits next to visionary Neptune, hooking into Pluto’s transformative energy. This brings your shifts to a climax. Now it will be easy to see what matters most and to let go of what has run its course by November 2024.

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Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See astrologyspot.com.au or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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