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Discover what the stars have in store for you in 2023


Despite occasional bumps, many Water and Earth harmonies sweeten your successes from March 6–12, then 17–21. As March ends, a lovely Venus in Taurus conjoins Awakener Uranus. Changes that have been building become fact, despite any resistance. Your natural love of fixed habits can integrate these shifts, just as tree roots embrace rocks. It is fairly easy to adapt in April, with help from Venus, Mercury and Mars. Clear communication, good friends and like-minded colleagues are your allies.

May 6 Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, a reminder that the eclipse axis still influences Taurus/Scorpio, pushing for changes whose time has come. Once fortunate Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17 a year of special opportunities begins.

When Jupiter makes a karmic alignment with the eclipse axis on June 2, you sense a new life phase beginning. Yet this phase resonates with Venus squaring off to Uranus, spiking surprises and occasionally challenging the peace of family and home life. Carefully navigate June 6, 9, 12, 26 and July 3 to minimise conflict and promote goodwill. This will ensure an easier time when Venus goes retro July 23, curving back to repeat some of these challenges in early August and late September.
Full Moon in Taurus on October 29 is your final eclipse and may alert you to something stressful. It’s best to simply let go. Then November and December will resonate with joyful Jupiter aspects that reignite the joy of a life well lived.


Aries, so keen to ram ahead, fired up by an idea, sometimes overlooking preliminary research. With lucky Jupiter now in Aries, being fully yourself is easy and fortunate. Yet a careless approach is not how those mountain-climbing rams survive.

Ruler Mars begins 2023 retro in Gemini; looking back and checking facts is important. Mid-January’s direct phase means acting on those facts, and March begins with a lucky rush, when both Venus and Jupiter meet in Aries.

The week building to March 7 Full Moon bristles with ambitious plans that can actually work well, if follow-up is thorough. Guru planet Mars becomes master of ceremonies through March, April and early May, driving expansive Jupiter and the Aries Sun sign time from March 21’s Equinox.

New Moon in Aries plants hardy seeds and strong commitments on March 22. Your intuitive energy peaks when Mars enters Cancer, then between March 31 and April 30 proceeds to make helpful alliances with builder Saturn, messenger Mercury, the karmic axis and change-agent Uranus: this is a time to maximise practical ideas and changes.
Mid-May through to July emphasises inner journeys. Your spiritual path integrates more readily into daily life when you reach an 18-yearly renewal — the fateful North Node of the eclipse axis returns to Aries for 18 months on July 18. This karmic gateway electrifies an already fiery, energetic August. Full Moon in Aries on September 29 accents loving relationships, dropping old grudges and permission to be less worldly, more personal for a while.


Like a perfectly cooked dinner, March 25 to May 15 is comforting. Mars transiting Cancer is not always easy, yet Mars is now your friend, vitalising your life and affirming your choices. Your most energising times are March 31, April 3, 6, 8–11, 24, 30 and May 11–15. Since Saturn shifts into watery Pisces in March, boosting your imagination and effectiveness, you may also feel more grounded. Saturn is particularly helpful mid-May, dancing with Venus in Cancer, gifting timing and ambition to your best ideas. Control issues with partners fade away late March to mid-June. A long run of Water/Earth harmonies between slow and fast-moving planets blesses May through July. When Lover Venus woos experimental Uranus, then visionary Neptune from May 26 to June 3, plus an eye-opener Full Moon on June 4, easy shifts occur. June 3, 10 and 11 help fine-tune negotiation skills, and June 14–25 sees the social arbiters Jupiter and Saturn, attract good fortune to your new solar cycle. Work done and seeds planted by July 4’s Full Moon can produce impressive fruits around January–February, 2024. New Moon in Cancer on July 18 has a Neptune harmony, boosting creative, sensitive energies. At the same time, the eclipse axis shifts into your signs of vocation and home, a focus for greater awareness. Communication, collaboration and social media savviness are likely to bring best results between September 4 and October 4 with a welcome high in early November.


Big news for the Twins is that energiser Mars has been in Gemini since August 2022 and enters 2023 moving retro. This can sting you in March, when some challenges roll around again. Beware bogging down in mental what-ifs or wasting energy on false starts. Mars is energising and has called into service those wings on your heels, boosting rapid progress. Don’t let impatience bring you undone, especially mid-March.

An evocative Sun/Mercury alignment on March 17 illuminates true vocation, a chance to gather insights and sail blithely past any rush, haste or conflict. April 11 to May 8 sees Lover Venus slide through Gemini, reminding you why soulful relationships matter so much. Communication is like breathing for Gemini and loving non-verbal communication is what really soothes your soul.

Right as Sun enters Gemini on May 21 it harmonises with Pluto which is testing its Aquarius muscles for three months, shifting the ground of assumptions we social beings inhabit.

A period of significant “aha” moments begin as Gemini’s world view undergoes Pluto’s transformation while heading towards June 4’s Full Moon. This makes for a special time to bond and to realign your financial values. From June 18’s Gemini New Moon to Full Moon in Gemini on November 27, your mind embraces wider possibilities, often extending your personal best. The periods of mid-July, early August, early October and mid-November are milestones. Yet it is your quest for soulful relationship that deserves regular nurture, a source of peace for your crazy-busy mind.


When Sun enters your adventure sign at March 21’s Equinox, you equalise like day and night. Challenges fade away and the promise of early March unfolds. Living a creative life is rightly your passion as March 22’s New Moon brings the spontaneous Fire creativity needs. Changes long considered that influence your freedom of expression get more exciting now.

Mercury and Jupiter meet late March, furthering your spirit of adventure. Then April 6 Full Moon starts a week in which ideas mature, while April 21 to May 15 demands that planned changes get more research. Beware second-guessing yourself, just let the Earth and Water harmonies of May and June offer up helpful people, practical solutions. Do remain receptive to good advice but beware bad advice on June 6–9.

Lover Venus spends an unusually long time in Leo in 2023, from June 6 to October 9. This means much emphasis on personal creativity and relationships. While Venus adds vitality and romance, she goes retro on July 23, reigniting an old issue from early July, August 8–9 and again September 30 to October 2. These are times to be a creative peacemaker.

New Moon also evokes practical enterprise with an earthy Jupiter/Mars harmony. Jupiter’s new earthy cycle expands your sense of vocation. Embodying your ideals becomes easier, blessing your path through the months to come, especially in early December.


Libra, you prefer peace, yet you will challenge injustice when you see it. Your energy may be directed to much emotional penetration in 2023 because your ruler Venus links energies with ultra-slow Pluto on New Year’s Day. This begins a complete cycle unfolding over a year. A light heart that witnesses rather than judges is your special gift, as symbolised by the Egyptian Scales which weigh the heart against a feather.

Uncovering hidden depths and natural mysteries come with Pluto, whose first challenge is mid-March, alerting you to relationship potential. Go beyond your comfort zone.
From March 22’s New Moon through to your natural climax of Full Moon in Libra on April 6, a focus on work and money might mask deeper issues. April 10–12 offers new connections and late April to May opens pleasurable doors plus a chance to expand your earnings. June 5–7 illuminates polarised needs. Patience and self-compassion are required. Venus in Leo from June 5 until October 9 means four interactive, busy months. Your social life is supported, but repeated retro challenges with Awakener Uranus also mean issues around money or investment confront you in early July, then demand emotional honesty August 8–9. Late September is the catalyst for a final decision.
Since New Moon in Libra on October 15 is a solar eclipse, timely changes are seeded. These will be grounded and structured by November 7–9’s earthy Venus–Pluto harmony.


There is a strange kind of magic at work for Virgo in 2023. Personal alchemy beckons while the Trickster, your ruler Mercury, lives up to its title. Mercury retro welcomes the New Year as you review your love and life choices.

All three retro cycles of 2023 are helpful for your earthy self. Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 invites you to go inward, while Moon’s earthy harmony with Uranus adds excitement to any task or an edge to your love life.

Enjoy the wild ride of April 21, the second time Mercury shifts into retro motion, on the same day Sun squares off to Pluto. Issues from early April could return, like work demands versus love and fun, or creative blocks. Do remember to recognise anxiety for the imposter it is.

April 24 to May 15 is loaded with supportive people and great connections, while Mercury shimmies backwards, making lots of planet friends. It is May 17 that rings the bells of happy changes when Jupiter begins a year-long visit to your adventure sign, a big go ahead for travel, also boosting fertility.

Jupiter–Saturn harmonies help you construct a path to fulfil ambitions through June, July and August. Sun enters Virgo on August 23, and a day later Mercury’s third retro cycle begins. More looking back to learn. Then Virgo New Moon on September 15 synchronises with Mercury’s shift to direct motion. This is just the right push for confidence in following your heartfelt direction and for sincere communication.


Collective forces are impinging on Scorpio deeply, with the eclipse axis continuing to activate Scorpio’s most primal emotions. March through May 2023 is the perfect time to engage in deep feeling-oriented work for yourself and for others. Don’t let taboos or sexual issues block your way, because these are linked to healing yourself and your relationships. It is the many Earth/Water harmonies of these months that make March 25 to April 8 transformational. Emotional alchemy is supported by your ruler Mars right now.

Meanwhile Saturn in your love sign helps you build substance and express sincerity all year, and particularly in these months. April 15 to Scorpio Full Moon on May 6 is even more potent, since your Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, supporting productive change via a Mars/Uranus harmony. It is when Mars moves through your vocational sign from late May through June, squaring off to sensitive points, that big spends are best avoided: May 21, 23, 27 and June 26 are challenging days that bookend a period requiring great caution.

July 10 to August 30 has an earthy Mars making many harmonies that augur well for partnerships and profitable collaborations. During Scorpio Time from October 24, big open spaces may call to you as places that birth greater consciousness. When the final lunar eclipse in Taurus/Scorpio occurs on October 29, rise above collective financial pressures create personal stress. By October 31, accented in mid-November, a new vision
of the possible gives your heart wings.


The Water Goat begins 2023 looking backwards, stirring sentimental feelings and trying to make sense of the changes. When guru planet Saturn moves into Pisces on March 8, you begin a two-and-a-half-year period in which emotional satisfaction and soul-centred connections are prime goals. Life may also be confronting from March 25 to April 20 when Warrior Mars activates your partner sign, linking to Saturn. If someone else has the higher moral ground, admit it. This will oil the wheels of change in good ways. You are ready for a more interconnected life; self-honesty is your path.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and makes its first shift into Aquarius on March 23 for three months. This means your world gets lighter. Some old business must be finalised in the last half of 2023.

July 3’s Full Moon in Capricorn has strong credentials as an illuminating, uplifting time. Plans come to fruition with Sun and Full Moon in a happy three-step dance with Saturn. In fact, June 28 to July 20 and August 25 to October 1 are both excellent periods for manifesting hopes. When all-important Saturn shifts into direct motion on November 4, a wonderful two months begins, helping you realise just how vital you can feel. Since December 25–26 host a Christmas cornucopia of potent links between Capricorn Sun and Saturn, plus a romantic Venus–Neptune harmony, the year ends on a high.


As the most unpredictable of the mysterious Water signs, Pisces is carried by inner tides. Fascinated by life’s secrets, likely to alternate as both fascinating and infuriating to others, the Fish are in the world but not of it. This means you tend to live by your own shifting rules.

When Saturn, the most materially oriented planet, enters oceanic Pisces on March 8, right on your partner-focused Full Moon, life’s realities urge your loose side to tighten up. Typically, order and fluidity get polarised like an ordered work life and fluid relationships. Priorities shift in this long Saturn cycle. Since a welcome committee of Sun and Neptune ease Saturn’s way into Pisces, plus a helpful late March boost from Mars, it’s a good start. However, May 14–22, July 21–25, early and late August, require caution.
Consider August 31’s Pisces Full Moon a perfect climactic point to take an inventory. Now adjustments made can ensure a happy, peaceful last-quarter year. If around mid-September or early October you feel like a fish out of water, witness this and move on. The sometimes overbearing social conscience evoked by Saturn needs to be balanced by Neptune — let your soul be free to absorb the world’s glories. February-born Fish are most sensitive now, but all Pisces feel the tug of war. The good news is that while controls and lessons come with Saturn, so do maturity and worldly success. In 2023, life extends many opportunities.


March 2023 rings both collective and personal changes. On March 8, your ruler Saturn leaves Aquarius after two and a half years, which reduces many self-imposed pressures. This is good news and, on March 23 to June 11, ultra-slow Pluto makes its first shift into Aquarius, not settling long-term until January 2024. Pluto dredges up the unlived life, the oldest memories, the yearnings.

Late March to mid-June is a transformational time, particularly mid-April, May 12–22 and June 5–11, when Moon and Venus act as catalysts to highlight your deepest needs. In June and July, Lover Venus accelerates partnership but tests home harmony from June 6–12, presenting challenges that can warp reality at July 3’s Full Moon and on August 2–9. Beware harsh words at all of these times, because rather than a one-off, Venus goes retro late July, repeating challenges in August then late September. A moment’s madness could extend into chaos but empathy with others’ foibles and flaws will stop that happening and keep your own flaws under the radar.

A Full Moon in Aquarius on August 2 coincides with a Mars–Jupiter harmony, inspiring you to design a satisfying new creative direction. Venus in your partner sign extends until October 10, often challenging planets in your family sign. Home projects could bog down, seemingly halted, but November’s Earth/Water harmonies will see you strengthen relationships and get many things done.

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent

Christine Broadbent has over 30 years’ experience in her field and loves astrology for its healing and timing strengths. She offers in-person readings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, plus phone, Skype or Zoom sessions worldwide. Christine also leads workshops and Embodied Astrology Retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in a September 2021 Retreat on Magnetic Island? See astrologyspot.com.au or phone (+61) 402664101 (AU).

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