Reach your dreams

6 Steps To Reach Your Dreams

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work. —Oprah Winfrey

Dreaming big and creating pathways to make them a reality is one of my deepest desires. I love doing this both for myself and for my wonderful clients. When you allow yourself to dream you connect with your inner light and this turns on your power.

Growing up, most of us weren’t encouraged to dream too big. We were taught to be realistic and not think we were more special than anyone else. The tall poppy syndrome, anyone? Well, today you have the choice to keep staying small in order to please and comfort others or step up and dare to dream big and reach those dreams.

Growing up, most of us weren’t encouraged to dream too big. We were taught to be realistic and not think we were more special than anyone else.

As you start dreaming you will probably be triggered by old stories and patterns. They will surface in order to give you the opportunity to see them, embrace them and release them. This is how we move forward and re-connect with our inner power and sense of purpose. Some steps will be easy and others challenging. Choose to be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself.

  • Step 1: Dare to dream. Go all out when you do this! Get some big sheets of paper, lots of coloured pens or watercolours and start naming and giving shape to your dreams. This is not a time to hold back or analyze what comes up. Have fun and express whatever comes through you.
  • Step 2: Feel it. Take a moment to feel into your dream. Close your eyes and visualize how it would feel, taste and smell to be living this dream. The idea is to allow your whole body and all your (6!) senses to be a part of this experience. Notice how real this feels.
  • Step 3: Embrace your fears. As you start moving towards your dream, all your inner fears will wake up. This is a natural response so instead of fighting it or trying to think it away, acknowledge it fully. Take the time you need to see your fears, feel them and ask them what they wish to tell you. Listen with as much love and compassion as you can and when you are ready, release them. You may need to go back and do this again.
  • Step 4: Create a plan. Your dream is now on paper, you can feel it in every cell of your body and all your fears are now your friends. Congratulations! This is a great place to be. Break down your dream into doable steps. I invite you to create a beautiful action plan that feels good and doesn’t overwhelm you. Remember that consistent, purposeful action creates miracles over time.
  • Step 5: Ask for support (and receive it). In order to stay focused and implement every step of your plan you need support. Take some time to write down what you need and ask for the right people, systems and structure to come into your life. When you are very clear on what you need, you can ask for it and others will know how to help you.
  • Step 6: Go for it! Allowing yourself to reach your biggest dream takes courage and dedication. You have all the wisdom and resources inside you. If your dream comes from a place of deep desire within you, it will become a reality. Have faith in you and have faith in life.

I hope you are feeling motivated to start practicing your own dreaming. Know that you are here to share your unique gifts with the world. You are such an inspiring and powerful being and what you are able to dream can become reality.

I’m sending you waves of love and gratitude,

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Karina Ladet

Karina Ladet

Karina Ladet is a soulful and creative mum, intuitive reader, coach, writer and teacher who helps women to trust and develop their own intuition. She offers intuitive readings and coaching, and teaches people how to communicate with their spirit guides both online and in Europe and Australia. Karina is also passionate about spreading messages of love and soulful living and she's a regular writer for Wild Sister magazine and also writes for a number of websites that focus on intuition, wellness, parenting, soulful living and spirituality. Her mission is to support people who long for a more inspired and meaningful life and this is something she also embodies in her own life. After years spent working in the corporate world as a communications manager and living in many different countries, Karina is now happy living her dream life. She is a mum to two young children and the wife to an amazing French husband and she spends her time enjoying a simple life in a village in the south of France.

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