The birth of the soul’s journey

Welcome beautiful souls. I’m Kat Ellis McIntyre: shamanic astrologer, writer and teacher. I’m truly excited to connect with you and feel blessed to have you here.

I’m proud to have just launched my own business – but it hasn’t been easy. Planting the seeds of my business has been a significant and life-changing journey; and that is just the beginning. The process has involved letting go of a former self to birth a new being alongside a new business into the world. I needed to create an authentic business that is a direct reflection of who I am in my day-to-day life, in my own unique way.

This realisation meant that I had to surrender to a complete unravelling of a former sense of self. I needed to drop all the masks that were holding me back from shining my true light, love and authenticity to the world.

I first tried to establish myself as an entrepreneur back in 2012 and it’s only been in the past 6 months that I’ve really been able to move forward and solidly commit. I have been through my own physical, emotional and mental trauma. During the time I thought I would be creating my own business, I instead made the most solid commitment to myself and my health that I’d ever had the courage to do. I needed to transform my own shadow realms in order to face what was holding me back from living my soul’s purpose.

I needed to drop all the masks that were holding me back from shining my true light, love and authenticity to the world.

This brings me to my business name: The Soul’s Journey. Life is the continual evolution of self; transforming what no longer serves in order to live a peaceful, meaningful and inspired life. It is about releasing old traumas and blocks from early and past lifetimes that are stopping you from moving forward and living from your heart. This allows you to embody  your full potential in this lifetime. These traumas need shifting and transforming to really live life with enthusiasm, energy, love and happiness.

The aim of my business is to support your journey in coming home to your heart and to provide guidance in navigating your inner world. This enables you to live to your full potential in this lifetime.

What can you expect from the journey I’ll be taking you on with this blog?

  • Exploration of ways to heal and transform your life, ways to deepen your connection to self and build a like-minded community.
  • Tools to navigate and master your inner world.
  • Inspiration and guidance on how to love yourself unconditionally.
  • Information on how your soul can feel alive and free.
  • Stories and teachings from the world of shamanism.
  • Teachings on astrology, the moon’s phases and how your chart can unlock your potential in this lifetime.
  • The opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • The ability to reconnect to your truth, live to your highest potential and shine your gifts to the world.
  • Guidance on how to use the body as your messenger and guide: explore how to honour this sacred physical temple.
  • The chance to come home to yourself by developing the tool of self mastery.
  • More information on my beautiful offerings: shamanic healing and astrology sessions, workshops and retreats.

If this resonates for you, keep reading my blog posts and please stay connected however you choose. You can connect with me on Facebook to hear more about my business or email

I look forward to sharing the sacred journey together.

Love and blessings,

Kat Ellis McIntyre
The Soul’s Journey


Kat Ellis McIntyre

Kat Ellis McIntyre

Kat is a shamanic astrologer, writer and teacher based in Sydney, Australia. She is the founder of The Soul's Journey, a healing space dedicated to the continual evolution of self, and assists individuals through deep transformation. Kat guides people on their sacred journey by supporting them in coming home to themselves. She is passionate about reconnecting to truth and purpose, fulfilling one's highest potential and living life from the heart. Kat enjoys a simple life: yoga, the ocean and being surrounded by a like minded-community. She offers sessions in person or via Skype and runs workshops and retreats in various locations.

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