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The Moon and You

Astrologically, the Moon speaks to the ebb and flow of the body and emotions, as well as rhythm of your everyday life. It describes what helps us to feel nurtured and secure, how we express nurturing to others, and how we respond to emotional stress. It can reveal the way in which a sense of purpose is expressed and brought about in daily actions. An understanding of the Moon’s motivations of connection, collection and communion can provide rich and nourishing foundations for our lives and relationships.

Moon signs of the same element within a loving partnership share similar qualities of what makes you feel safe and nourished. The sign of your Moon will more specifically describe those qualities and how resourced or challenged you are in securing emotional and bodily needs. Moon signs also illuminate a sense of purpose that is actualised in everyday activities and habits.

Moon in water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

In its pursuit to connect and permeate, water is simultaneously gentle and immense. You are oriented to your needs, as well as those of others, by an empathetic responsiveness and sensitivity to subtleties in your environment.

An everyday sense of purpose is found in establishing and nurturing intimate bonds with others. Water needs to honour their emotions and intuition in the same way others may honour logic and reason.

Comfortable exploring their inner realm, acceptance, non-judgment, intimacy and intuition are vitalising to a water Moon.

Cancer Moon

Cancer is the home of the Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and like all cardinal signs, it establishes beginnings and the shape of things. A beginning in water is the mountain spring that feeds the rivers and eventually the oceans. It is the nutrient-rich life-sustaining milk that comes from a mother’s breast.

Being in touch with raw instinct and emotions, a Cancer Moon regularly begins new feelings. This prompts Cancer Moons to be pegged as moody, which might be the case when you feel as though the environment and people you are with throws off your own inner emotional rhythm.

You seek to nourish and be nourished in the purest sense via tangible expressions of care and survival (food, shelter, and intimate bonds of relationships). Mutual care and tenderness are vital to your wellbeing.

Scorpio Moon

The scorpion is a desert-dwelling creature who stays close to the earth and can navigate by starlight. Sharply sensitive, you adeptly navigate the emotional margins. You live with a fierce sense of purpose and care deeply about where you direct your energy and resources.

Safely securing resources can feel challenging, though you are exceptionally skilled at utilising whatever you have. You are, therefore, guarded with the resources you do have and fiercely defend those nourishing bonds. You instinctively understand the healing power of intimacy. This vulnerability requires a safe container. Honour your instincts by prioritising privacy and confidentiality. This is what makes others see you as a safe container for their own most vulnerable parts, too.

Nourishing your connections with people who do not flinch or make you feel ashamed of the depth of your responses and feelings is important.

Pisces Moon

A Pisces Moon can struggle with keeping to rigid routines. Leaving room for changes of direction in response to your inner oscillations will be necessary. You naturally accept whatever feeling or idea washes up on your shores. You absorb the moods and energy around you, whether you are aware of it or not.

In the words of the poet Walt Whitman: “Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” This can feel like an intimate communion, but it can also make it hard to understand your own needs and responses. At times, you may feel misunderstood when communicating needs and feelings, as they aren’t easily categorised and labelled. Time and space in solitude with a creative vessel such as poetry, music or journaling can help you realign. Because your container is permeable and shape-shifting, you are exceptionally gifted in holding space for emotional complexities. You offer nurturing through compassion and non-judgment.

Moon in fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

Fire is the most dramatically transformative and active element, and fire Moons are lively, vibrant and unabashed.

Fire actively changes what it touches. Once you burn something, you cannot change it back. As a fire Moon, you have an inner orientation towards what lies ahead, not what once was. A sense of purpose is found daily when you feel you are adequately bringing those future visions to fruition. Fire nurtures a sense of vibrant possibility, hope and self-expression, all of which are foundational to their sense of security.

Aries Moon

As an Aries Moon, your emotional style is candid, spontaneous and immediate. You feel things without disguise. Like a match, you come to life with a bit of friction. You often find yourself in contrast to your environment. You belong to yourself and feel at home when you are autonomously enacting your raw desires and ideas. With your matchstick Moon, you burn bright and fast. Your emotional responses and daily energy tend to mirror this.

Beginnings are vital for you, so starting the day with something enlivening can bring agency and purpose to the rest of your day. Your cheat code to life is sincere enthusiasm, which refreshes and enlivens those around you. When you burn out, emotional resilience can be found in prioritising what ignites your heart.

Leo Moon

Moon in Leo is a night light, a gentle, comforting source of illumination. You are extraordinarily gifted in showing other people what makes them so special and anticipating their unique needs. People are drawn to your innate and steady warmth. Words of affirmation can be vitally nourishing and encouraging to your own sense of wellbeing, too. You usually try to present the best version of yourself, to feel worthy of praise. You easily see each person’s innate and vital luminosity — allow that recognition to affirm your own.

When you are feeling stressed or insecure, you can feel like you’re performing. This can be useful when navigating situations where you are not sure you want to share your whole self. Not everyone deserves full access to your life-growing light. You feel safe when you feel seen — not exposed, but truly, wholly held in attentiveness and love, so honour that by cultivating and nourishing relationships based on honesty and authenticity.

Sagittarius Moon

With a Sagittarius Moon, a sense of excitement and breadth gives your life momentum. You feel stifled when you feel your inner world is cramped. Learning about all the different ways human beings have created meaning in their lives is a sure way to keep your inner world expansive.

Your strength is how you can draw different groups of people together with your curiosity and earnestness. Collaboration leads to integration, which promotes a feeling of inner coherence.

As a Sagittarius Moon, you enjoy wandering and wondering. A sense of home and comfort arises from having a coherent philosophy with which to act.

Moon in earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Earth is the most solid and embodied of all the elements. A direct, sensory experience of the body and physical world is your greatest source of inner wisdom. Your emotional wellbeing actualises itself in your bodily experience. In tune with the tangible and tactile layers of reality, you seek security in what you can touch, measure and build.

An earth Moon nurtures through practical wisdom and presence. You know not only a flower’s beauty and essential function, but how to make flowers grow, too.

Taurus Moon

Solid and stable, your Moon in Taurus anchors you into the world through your sensory experience. Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound are all deep fonts of meaning and comfort in your daily life. When you feel emotionally distressed, seek the senses to realign you, such as focusing on the feeling of the sun on your skin or savouring a strawberry.

You nurture others by establishing a container of stable serenity and embodied, undistracted presence. You instinctually slow down when emotionally responding and processing to feel confident in your course of action, which is unlikely to shift once taken. It’s vital to honour your own pace.

You feel most at home in yourself when you have the time to make decisions informed by your values, so being able to clearly name what you stand for is vital to a sense of security and purpose.

Virgo Moon

A Virgo Moon is the most responsive and changeable of the earth Moons. Mercury’s influence here is cerebral and categorising. You feel safest when you can accurately describe your emotional state. The mind/body connection is particularly strong in Virgo Moons, so that anxiety and worry manifests not just as a mental experience, but a bodily one, too.

Practical knowledge of how different foods and substances affect you can help you feel more secure in your mind and body. You naturally understand how things work and how they can be optimised, which you may direct at your own emotional wellbeing. You are not a project to repair, Virgo Moon, you are an organic and emotional being with an innate wholeness, though you have a keen eye for each distinct part that makes up that whole.

Occasionally zooming out to appreciate the overall, larger effect that your attention to each component has overall can nourish a sense of bigger purpose in your everyday life.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn is a cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, establishing beginnings in the earth element. Beginnings in earth bring us into the deep layering of the past, being that earth, soil and rock are all formed over long periods of time. This evokes a long-held sense of duty when it comes to securing material needs for a Moon in Capricorn, as well as a respect for the proven way of doing things.

You find comfort in being able to map a long-term trajectory for yourself that ensures your physical security. Capricorn lies opposite Cancer, the Moon’s natural home, so you know what it is like to not feel quite at home, whether that be in a place or even in your own body. Like a Scorpio Moon, you are adept at making do with very little. Shifting your concept of what is essential can help you to prioritise not just your material needs, but your emotional security as well.

Tenderness, reciprocity and care are your birthrights, even if they have not always been easily drawn upon. You offer a down-to-earth recognition of reality to others and understanding in how to navigate complex systems. With Saturn as your ruling planet, you support people with your clear expectations and invest your emotional resources with deep consideration.

Moon in air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

Air fills the spaces between all things — heaven and earth, this and that, you and I. It is a connective medium through which invisible things travel.

As an Air Moon, you secure your needs and comfort primarily through cultivating the invisible web of mutuality that fills the spaces and suspends the bonds between us. You engage with emotions the most cerebrally of the elements. You are nourished by ideas, conversation and social connection. In turn, you help others to feel socially comfortable and safe to explore ideas.

Gemini Moon

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is like a switchboard operator, plugging you into a multiplicity of thoughts, ideas and feelings. With a Gemini Moon, you feel most comfortable in the back and forth of conversation where you can share some of that inner dialogue with others. You enjoy being able to talk to a variety of people, as your Gemini Moon delights in collecting new ideas and experiences.

Your feelings tend to be slightly abstract and cerebral. You figure out how you really feel by talking it through. Journaling can be a fruitful outlet for releasing the mental valve. You offer nourishment through candid and indepth communication and a sense of play.

Libra Moon

As a Libra Moon, your guardian planet is Venus. In Libra, your Moon mobilises the air element to connect us to one another in relationships. You instinctively understand that feelings of joy, pleasure, desire and love soften our edges and open us up to other people. Cultivating those experiences in your everyday life is grounding and fulfilling.

With your emotional orientation described by the scales, you are open to considering various perspectives and reasons for why you are feeling the way you do. You believe most conflicts can be resolved through considerate dialogue.

You are a gifted mediator and strive to understand any perspective, even if it does not align with your strong personal values and sense of justice.

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, a planet motivated by judgment and restraint. As an Aquarius Moon, you need space and privacy to process your emotions and experiences by yourself before you share with others. Saturn creates some separation from the lunar instinct to commune and belong.

In close relationships, you feel more comfortable relating through shared ideas, visions and morals than personal intimacy. You can find it easier to open up to a stranger or a professional. Compartmentalising can be a bit of a superpower for you when dealing with complex and stressful emotions and situations, so long as you later devote time to intentionally engaging with it. You curiously interrogate your reactions and have a strong idea of what you “should” feel. It takes a while for you to really understand how you feel. Honouring that instinct can look like waiting a
few hours or a few days before responding when possible.

An Aquarius Moon can struggle with embodiment, leading to a distorted fulfilment of their bodily needs. Breath and sensual stimuli with scent, taste etc can help bring intention and awareness back to your essential physical needs.


Scarlet Coote

Scarlet Coote

SCARLET COOTE is a young astrologer based in Sydney, Australia. She is deeply devoted to honouring the eternal relationship between human beings and the sky. Led by curiosity, Scarlet engages the world and self through astrology, both as an experience of and an investigative tool into mystery, magic and imagination. She draws on the lineage of teachers both near and far, pursuing study in psychological and Hellenistic astrology, as well as astrological magic, and is also inspired by stories, especially fantastical ones. Scarlet seeks to be a friendly guide to others seeking connection with themselves and the cosmos. Find her at scarletcoote.com or on Instagram @scarlet_astrology

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