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The Sun and our vital force in medical astrology

All things born into the earthly dimension at the exact moment in time share an identical essence, the same collection of vibrations that form a particular signature. Our first breath as independent human beings imprints us with the quality of the cosmic energies of that moment. Like a soft clay that becomes impressed with a pattern and then baked, the design of the cosmic energy becomes embedded in the structure of our body and spirit, informing our physical and psychological wellbeing.

The natal chart, cast at the time of our birth, constitutes the quality of the time we carry within us. It is our personal entanglement with the universe. Our individual unique vibratory symphony.The Sun characterises not only the vitality of our solar system but also delineates vigour in our natal chart. It provides a central focus that doesn’t require an accurate birth time. The sign where the Sun falls when we are born illustrates the quality of that vigour and the parts of our body where it vibrates with extra oomph as well as being more susceptible to disturbances.

Aries sun

People with a sun in Aries have the energy of the Sun, concentrating from the top of the head to the upper jaw, including the teeth. Some authors incorporate the adrenal glands as well.

This Aries vital force is like the verve that spurs buds out of trees. It is an energy that is robust and quick, lasting a short time. It is explosive without staying power.

Aries sun’s vital energy tends to run hot. They have a natural resistance to disease because of their burning nature. They also have a tendency toward chronic illnesses because they burn metabolic debris rapidly, making stagnation rare in the body.

When Aries suns get sick, they tend to have high accute fevers with rapid onset. Like a rocket, they go from zero to max in minutes, however they usually recover very quickly, if one manages enough bed rest to recuperate.

Being naturally hot, Aries sun tend to dehydrate very quickly, as they rarely drink water. Consistant hydration is a must. Having a high metabolism, they tend to run acidic very quickly. An alkaline diet can be beneficial, and alkaline minerals to drink regularly. A healthy intake of essential fatty acids, as in cold-pressed oils, nuts, butter and lecithin, helps keep the body well lubricated. Vitamin E and choline can be beneficial.

Taurus sun

People with a sun in Taurus have their vital force focused in the lower jaw, including teeth, ears, tongue, vocal cords, neck area, including thyroid (metabolism regulatory), parathyroid (calcium metabolism) and thymus (immune system regulation) glands.

Taurus suns are like diesel motors, once they get going, it’s difficult to stop them. Their energy is steady and strong, making them one of the most long-lived sun signs. Give Taurus sun something to build on and they will steadily nurture it into a loving empire.

Particular attention should be taken regarding nourishment. Although a natural lover of good food, the Taurus sun accumulates a lot from little. They grow muscle mass quite quickly and gain fat if their diet is unbalanced.

Adequate care should be taken so there is a constant flow of what comes in and goes out. Regular detox of all excretory organs is a must, as are regular check-ups with the dentist and colonic hygienist.

The vital energy in Taurus sun is sturdy, so when they get sick, they will recuperate, given time, cuddles, healthy food and tranquillity. Body massage is appreciated.

Since Taurus sun loves routines, it would be best to include conscious movement practice that is steady over longer periods. The more body senses are involved or movement is done in nature, the better. Hiking, long-distance walking or gardening are ideal.

The neck area should be taken care of. If stiff, stretching and massage should be immediately included in the routine.

Gemini sun

A sun in Gemini directs the vital force to the shoulders, arms and hands, including the bronchial tubes down to the upper lungs, the clavicular and upper part of the scapular bone. Breathing in general, especially the inspiration part, come under Gemini sun, as are the coordination abilities of the body, in addition to the sensory receptors and their nerves, which bring information from the outside world to the brain.

The vital force in Gemini sun is diffused in many streams, more like myriads of electrical circuits busily collecting information from everywhere. This can be advantageous in creating innate networks and various forms of data collection.

This process can make Gemini sun more susceptible to nervous disorders due to a sensorial overload. Breathwork is one of the best medicines for Gemini sun, especially if done near the sea or in a forest. Breathwork helps calm the mind, cleanse the lungs and increase oxygenation in the blood, as does regular time off from computers, mobiles and other electronic gadgets.

Routine walks in nature, grounding techniques and mineral supplementation such as magnesium salts can help with the excess nervous energy that flows within Gemini sun. Start with small doses, gradually increasing. Regular intake of sesame seeds improves oxygenation, so does vitamin B complex, especially B6 and vitamin A.

Cancer sun

Sun in Cancer season focuses the vital force in the breasts, stomach, thoracic duct, rib cage, sternum and the lower part of the scapular bone up to the diaphragm.

The protective coverings and membranes around organs, including those that produce mucus, as well as the pregnant uterus.

The vital force of Cancer sun delves inwards and needs constant care to keep it running at optimal power. The Sun in the temple of the Moon makes natives more creatures of the night than of the day. The vital force in Cancer sun ebbs and flows like the Moon’s everchanging face.

The best medicine for Cancer sun is to learn to trust their instincts, respect their heightened sensitivity and learn the art of self-care. Mood variations are normal; learning how to handle them gracefully will resolve much of sun in Cancer problems. Vitamin C and vitamin B complex can help with changing moods.

Regular warm food works miracles, as does a safe place to retreat to when daily life feels too intense to handle.

Best avoided are extreme temperatures and jarring experiences such as loud noises. The kitchen and the bedroom are your medicinal chest. The kitchen provides nurturing through lovingly cooked food, preferably shared with people you trust and care for. The bedroom becomes a sanctuary for recharging through sleep.

Leo sun

Sun in Leo season centralises the vital force in the heart, the spinal cord and column, including the muscles that keep the spinal cord in proper alignment.

The vital force in Leo sun is strong, steady and vibrant. In its own house, Leo sun has all the resources it needs to enjoy life, often without boundaries. Like Aries sun, they tend to run hot and dry, but the strain of living life to the full and with no limits can eventually take its toll on the heart and spine.

Meals consisting of cooling salads and raw vegetables are ideal, with minimal alcohol and plenty of water. Physical exercise should strengthen the spine and correct body posture. Even better are movement techniques that cater for mind and body flexibility while having fun and enjoying the fresh air. Fun is both core medicine and grief management. No joy in life can quickly destroy Leo sun’s wellbeing.

Omega-3-rich foods such as salmon, nuts and seeds protect the nerves, and vitamin E and D supplements for heart muscle strengthen and ward off depression. Niacin is very beneficial for the heart, circulation and prevention of atherosclerosis associated with vitamin C.

Virgo sun

A sun in Virgo concentrates the vital energy in the intestines, especially the small intestine. The digestive enzymes and parts of the liver function come under Virgo sun.

Also, the enteric system, known as the second brain, covers all of the digestive tract and regulates its functions.

Virgo sun’s vital force runs quick and is nervously wound in many directions, yet it is capable of stamina when needed. Virgo sun energy is nit-picky, making the immune system overreactive, especially in the intestinal area.

The medicine chest of Virgo sun is likely full of natural remedies. However, it’s worth remembering that as much as diet, herbs and supplements are essential, they won’t work well if there is no sleep hygiene, stress management and learning to embrace imperfection.

Care should be taken to reduce inflammation in the intestines with warm, cooked food. The liver should always be taken care of because it tends to be slow and sluggish. The mind-body connection in Virgo sun is quite pronounced; having a regular sleep schedule plus me-time helps ease the tension that usually upsets Virgo sun’s gastrointestinal tract.

Libra sun

A sun in Libra focuses the vital force on the kidneys and the lumbar area around them. It is also concerned with dynamic homeostasis in the body, keeping within a narrow range of electrolyte, acid-alkaline balance, blood glucose and blood pressure balance for best health.

Libra sun vital force is strong, although it quickly diminishes if not cared for. The kidneys stand for, energetically speaking, the endurance levels that keep us on this earthly dimension. Utmost care should be taken not to abuse the kidneys. Regular intake of vitamin C helps.

Alcohol and sugar should be taken in moderation. All kinds of foods that act as antioxidants, such as berries, cherries, red grapes, onions, garlic and apples, help diminish the stress on the kidneys and keep the correct acid-alkaline balance.

Libra sun is usually not fond of physical exercise, however, working out with a buddy can be enticing. Stretching sessions are vital for those lower back pains. Massage and spa time can reduce adrenal stress.

Scorpio sun

A Scorpio sun directs the vital force in the colon, where food is finally turned into faeces ready for expulsion. Much of the human microbiome and vitamins such as Vitamin K are produced in the colon. In addition, all the body’s excretory organs including the urinary system, sweat glands, nose, rectum and the reproductive organs.

The vital force in Scorpio sun simmers strongly like dormant embers flaring up at the right moment. Ruled by Mars, the excretory planet par excellence, Scorpio sun needs constant attention to excrete toxins from the body. If excretion from the body is impaired, life-threatening diseases can rapidly arise.

Like Aries and Leo, Scorpio sun tends to run acidic. A life lived with vivid intensity and taken to extremes, including diet, lifestyle, vices, and dangerous occupations, add to the acidic stress. Always check for parasitic infections and environmental poisoning.

Fermented food and probiotics will keep the gut microbiome healthy, keeping undesired pathogens at a minimum. Chlorella can help with eliminating toxins. Schedule regular detox regimes and, at the equinoxes, do a natural parasite cleanse. Vitamin C is one of the best anti-poisoning natural remedies we have.

Berries can keep urinary tract infections at bay. Drinking plenty of pure water is essential. One cannot excrete anything out of the body if water is lacking. Cotton underwear and organic cotton sanitary products diminish the risk of irritation and infection in the genital area.

Sagittarius sun

A Sagittarius sun concentrates the vital energy around the buttocks, hips and thighs, including the nerves, arteries, and muscles involved in walking, lower spinal cord and the nerves radiating from that area, and general mind-body coordination.

Vital force in Sagittarius sun is like fire rampant in the bush, it can burn to great heights with periods of apparent quiescence. The fundamental needs are movement, oxygen and sleep. More than any other sun sign, action is crucial for the wellbeing of the Sagittarius sun. With correct posture, stretching and biofeedback exercises, great attention should be given early to sciatic nerve health.

Any movement that enhances coordination and mind control brings equilibrium to the erratically moving fire. Tending to go wild for a prolonged time brings subsequent burnout. Sleep hygiene should be religiously followed. Sagittarius suns needs to learn to pace themselves so as not to burn their vital force in a short time or act recklessly, endangering one’s life.

Magnesium salts, manganese and Vitamin B complex can help with muscle and nervous tension. The foam roller and the Swiss ball can be great tools to keep the spine, buttocks and hips flexible and enhance coordination.

Capricorn sun

A sun in Capricorn directs the vital force in the knee area and bones in general, including teeth, skin, and also ligaments, tendons and joints, as well as the anterior pituitary gland, which secretes many hormones involved in growth.

The vital force in Capricorn sun is like a sickly young child that gradually builds muscle and outperforms all her friends in later years. Capricorn sun starts slow, then grows to legendary stamina. It takes time to produce some of our body’s more enduring structures, and Capricorn sun knows that.

Fundamental to Capricorn sun is keeping the body moist. There is a tendency to dry out, causing stiff joints, rigid mucosal membranes, reduced lipid distribution and malabsorption. Diet needs to be tailored individually to cater for minerals and nutrients that are not absorbed adequately to avoid malnutrition. An anti-inflammatory diet is optimal.

Besides diet, adequate care of the gall bladder and liver should be observed because they govern lipid distribution and detoxing processes, which Capricorn suns tend to be slow in. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn’s action tends to restrict and harden. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, all forms of exercises that help relax and soften the harsh contours of life can work miracles.

Vitamin C, E, A and B complex help keep mucous membranes soft, while the right combination of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D will deal with bone structures and general tension.

Aquarius sun

An Aquarius sun concentrates the vital force in the area from just under the knee down to and including the ankle, shin and calves, oxygenation of the blood and the ability to return blood to the heart, and the electromagnetic system of the body.

The vital force in Aquarius sun tends to be low but then flares up, unpredictably, like electrical sparks setting aglow the whole body. Adequate oxygenation, blood and electrical circulation are of utmost importance in Aquarius sun. Anything that smooths the erratic flow of the Aquarius sun is welcome.

Vitamin B complex with an extra integration of niacin can help bring oxygen to even the remotest parts of the body, producing subsequent improvement in many mental and physical complaints of the Aquarius sun. Niacin also helps with depression and venous circulation. When coupled with magnesium and ascorbic acid, it helps smooth the electromagnetic field that impregnates the entire body, especially the heart.

Start all kinds of treatment with very low doses and slowly increase. Red beetroots, red and purple vegetables, grapes, raisins and sesame seeds are blood-fortifying nutrients.

Particular attention should be placed on shielding the home and work environment from electromagnetic fields. Aquarius sun tends to be highly sensitive to such emissions, causing disturbance in sleep, blood and nerve energy circulation.

Like Gemini sun, Aquarius sun needs to learn to detox from electronic gadgets. WiFi should be switched off at night and mobiles placed as far as possible from the bed with internet data switched off. Walking barefoot in nature, carrying orgonites or copper bracelets with magnets, and grounding techniques can be lifesaving.

Pisces sun

A Sun in Pisces focuses the vital force in the feet area, including the toes, its many bones, nerves and ligaments, the lymphatic system, cellular hydration and natural defence filtration. The extracellular matrix is the liquid in which all body cells are bathed. The parasympathetic system is the part of our nervous system that helps us relax, digest, rebuild and sleep.

The vital force in Pisces sun is like a radio signal scattered in the ethers. If taken care of and rooted in a healthy lifestyle, the signal will strengthen. The body and mind will respond to daily life with greater endurance and verve. Of significant importance to Pisces sun is adequate rest in an environment they feel they can slowly decompress without any interference from the outside world, especially from noises.

For Pisces sun, the boundary between our physical dimension and the other side is easy to cross. There needs to be adequate protection from the astral world, plus daily activities that bring back Pisces sun energy into this physical dimension. The use of alcohol, analgesics, recreational and even pharmaceutical drugs have an increased effect on Pisces sun.

A healthy lifestyle should involve strengthening the immune system, learning psychic self-defence and natural remedies to drain the lymphatic system. Feet are susceptible areas for Pisces sun. Care for feet should be practised, such as shoes that follow the natural anatomical shape of the feet, wearing cotton socks and learning self-reflexology massage.

Diet should be warming, abundant in seafood such as fish and shellfish, seaweeds, medicinal fungi and moderate sea salt. Physical exercise, like walking and swimming, needs to be gentle and regular to stimulate the lymphatic system.



This is general advice. Every aspect of the natal chart contributes to creating an individual’s unique vibratory signature. A person’s health and wellbeing is complex. One method that is suitable for all never works. However, this is an excellent place to start. Always consult your medical doctor and natural health practitioner.

Hilary Spiteri

Hilary Spiteri

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