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Unlock Your Destiny : Here are your July and August horoscopes

Unlock your destiny: Here are your July and August horoscopes… reveal what the stars have in store for you!


Cancer, you now benefit from the happy coincidence of the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all residing in compatible Water and Earth signs. This means opportunity and unexpected twists of fate work in your favour. Specifically, as the Moon’s own, you are sensitive to any emotional rhythms, sometimes realising this fact too late to protect yourself. Giants Jupiter and Saturn give form and substance to your vision from July 7 to July 18’s Cancer New Moon. Testing times from July 22–25, can turn into fabulous results from August 16–25.


Once Venus merges her energies with Sun in Leo on August 13, doubts and fears will disappear. The Leo Sun Sign period from July 23 to August 22 will occasionally challenge you but you will still shine. Giant Jupiter and tricky Uranus tend to block Leo’s path of free self-expression on July 17 and 24, August 7, 15 and 22. It can feel like a cloud is in the way. Yet clarity dawns around July 28 and you are poised to claim a richer sense of self with Leo New Moon on August 16. Consider the Earth/Fire challenges as a process which is making you stronger and establishing priorities.


Clever and practical Virgo sees you working on a plan. Mars enters Virgo on July 10 and energy rises, attracting help July 12. Do not worry if July 21–25 seems to block you. Be patient; when Mars joins forces with lucky Jupiter on August 2, all takes off. With guru Mercury now in Virgo, there is no stopping you. When Sun enters Virgo on August 23 and Mercury goes retro there on 24, you will have until mid-September to fine-tune things, to see the faults or potential problems that can be corrected before plans are locked into place.


Since planet Pluto has been testing, sometimes transforming, your most personal attachments for years, the relatively small tests of July 1 and 22–25 will be easy to handle. Just be cautious making vocational decisions in that latter part of July, as you may feel reactive. Sail right on by knowing that your lovely ruler Venus is in her rare retro phase from July 23 until September 4. This means do enjoy life’s small blessings and the old friendships she may reignite. Do not make any important decisions but remember those deep Venus insights, particularly August 9–13 and 27.


Early July seeds adventurous ideas for deep-thinking Scorpio, a sense of a quest which becomes clearer from July 3. When ruler Mars enters Virgo on July 10, your friendship networks and learning skills accelerate; gatherings on July 15 and 20 can be very successful. On July 18 a fateful 18-month period ends, when the Nodal Axis shifts, leaving you with a new perspective. Unpredictable changes influence partnerships for some time, however August 16–25 strengthens your close bonds.


Funny and irreverent are part of your bag of tricks, yet Jupiter in Taurus has other plans for you now. There is now access to an art of living that has fewer words and more attention to the small gifts which grace everyday life. Since July begins with Jupiter in harmony to Sun and Mercury, attention to details supports careful management of your resources, the foundation for new adventures. On July 17, 24, 29 and August 7–9, fiery adventurous plans may appear to be blocked. By August 16–20, Venus and fate move you forward.


Since July 3 brings your annual Full Moon in Capricorn. Pluto will now loiter in Capricorn until late January 2024, July will have some testing moments. Capricorn Full Moon is illuminating with Saturn onside. This reveals your own independence in a syncopated dance with relationships. If you avoid overreacting on July 11, 12 or 22, then Pluto is your friend. Earthy harmonies from July 15–20, August 10–16 and August 25 are opportunities. Now you profile your nurturing side as a strength, lighting up a path ahead.


July 1–10 hosts breakthrough energies that can revitalise your home life. Then August’s planetary rhythms begin with a Full Moon in Aquarius. Your August 2 lunar climax also has an earthy harmony between Mars and Jupiter, so your home and family concerns are abuzz with enterprising ideas. Always the ideas person, now your traditional ruling planet Saturn adds intuitive hunches for many months. Remember not to fight intuitions on July 21, 22 or August 2. Instead go with the flow and respect the unknown.


Receptive to life’s changing currents, Pisces embraces earthy mysteries in July and August. Guiding light Jupiter now travels through Taurus, helping you build richer connections with feelings. July 3’s Full Moon in your friendship sign has gifts for you, featuring Saturn in Pisces. Reality bites that are productive are blessed by Jupiter. New Moon on July 18 brings a dream closer. Short journeys expand communication and a realistic approach supports your ambitions. These take shape after August 16.


As Wounded Healer Chiron continues its journey through Aries, it squares Sun and New Moon in Cancer, July 12–18. This New Moon is strong and can expose vulnerabilities in the home and family. Rushing into things is a joy for Aries, but ruler Mars in Virgo from July 10 to August 27 means a more measured approach is wise. Overlooked details can bite you, particularly from July 21–29. Research is your friend since Mars links with beneficial Jupiter and is likely to boost finances: August 2, 10 and 16–20 are standout times.


Now that Taurus hosts both Jupiter and Uranus, it is a happy synchronicity when Sun and Mercury bring Water harmonies. July 1–15 has many Taurus/Cancer planet dances, which bless you with fun and new alliances. July 18’s New Moon helps Taurus initiate new styles of communication, even enhancing self-promotion. Now love and creativity are on your side, while an enterprising idea gets wings. Guiding light Venus shifts into retro motion from July 23 until early September, so progress may slow down, family issues revisited.


Sometimes shy, sometimes life of the party, Gemini can rarely be pinned down. In early July, your ruler Mercury joins with Sun in your money sign, hooking into Jupiter’s largesse. Now material matters dominate and can reward you well. Many planets in Water and Earth signs are accenting your reclusive side throughout July, keeping you busy. A shift comes on August 2, when Full Moon illuminates travel and adventure. By August 20 that more extroverted people person is back, enjoying a rich social life.

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Jamie Pilarinos

Jamie Pilarinos

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