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Your quick-fix mood-boosting toolkit

Had a rough day, or just feeling a little out of sorts? Most people suffer from the blues from time to time. Here are some proven ways to boost your mood — naturally.


How music can improve your health

The concept of bioacoustics is based on some powerful insights into the fundamental nature of matter and energy. Discover how bioacoustics of music can improve your health.

sonic therapy

What is sonic therapy?

Frequencies of vibration and neural-emotional stimulation trigger sonic healing by means of sensory immersion in sound. Combining primitive and modern-day techniques, sonic healing is taking the allopathic medical world by ear.


The call of Kauai

To get away from the commercialised islands of Hawaii why not hang loose and soak up some traditional Hawaiian culture in Kauai?


Sharks attacked

Sharks are facing the very real possibility of extinction as they become victims to overfishing and as the taste for shark meat and shark fin soup grows.


Discovering the Philippines

The Philippines offers extraordinary natural wonders, stunning tropical islands, a fascinating culture and warm friendly locals.


Online health search tips

When it comes to researching health issues or finding solutions to common complaints, the internet is an information goldmine. But which sites can you really trust?