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yoga therapy

Use yoga as therapy

Yoga is emerging as an alternative to medical treatment in clinical and hospital settings. Yoga treatment will address the re-integration of the body, mind, breath and your spiritual self.


Yoga for creativity

If your creativity is lacking, don’t despair. Fuel your creative fire by restoring and building on your energy reserves.


Yoga and your menstrual cycle

Menstruation is a time of intuition and deep insight. Gentle yoga asanas will take the discomfort and stress out of menstruation so you can embrace the reflective energy and just be with yourself.


How to manage anxiety

Are you feeling uneasy or nervous? Many of us experience a continuous underlying level of anxiety that makes relaxing difficult. Keep reading for ways to release anxiety and create calmness.

feed fire

Draw strength from yoga’s warrior poses

Our inner fire refers to the strength of our spirit, our sense of self, the health of our digestive system. Our inner fire is the key to creating a balanced, healthy and happy life.


How yoga can relieve your back pain

Back pain has become a regular feature of today’s hectic lifestyle. Incorporate a few yoga moves and some stretching to loosen your back and your life.

body yoga

A flexible pregnancy?

Take time to stretch, breathe, relax and meditate during your pregnancy. This is the perfect way to create a positive pregnancy for yourself and your baby.

lighten load

Lift your spirits with yoga

Each time you step onto your yoga mat you are doing something not only for your body but for your mind and your emotional well being.