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Yoga for diabetes

The practice of yoga brings the body, mind and spirit into harmony. In this state, free of worries and stress, a great amount of healing can take place on all levels.

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What are the benefits of pre-natal yoga?

Taking pre-natal classes will really help you when it comes time to push. Targeted exercises will strengthen the right muscles, train you to focus on your breathing and locate your inner calm.

5 delicious and nutritious seaweed recipes by wholefood chef Pete Evans

Is seaweed a superfood?

Think seaweed is all washed up? Not so. This superfood offers high mineral content and health benefits that range from maintaining brain function to decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure.


Tips for attaining good posture

We’ll give it to you straight up: correct posture not only makes a good first impression, it does wonders for your health. Try these simple exercises and see the difference.

loving birth

Give your baby a loving birth

The way your baby is treated at birth will impact on whether they reach their full potential. Learn about making your birthing room warm, with low lights and soft voices.

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Something new in homeopathy

Homeopath’s argues that bamboo is of great use when emotional problems are compounded by hormonal problems. Read about the newest homeopathic remedy.


Reflexology for pets

Natural remedies and therapies are not only beneficial for humans but are becoming increasingly popular with our pets especially animal reflexology.

blissful birth

Have a blissful birth

Ayurveda’s art of obstetrics can reduce the chance of disturbance during your pregnancy. When the expectant mother is showered with love, this will filter through to the baby.

back pain

No more back pain!

Carrying a baby is hard work and can often lead to back problems. The Feldenkrais method of body education has devised a series of movements that can re-educate your body to deal with this stress.


Be prepared for any type of birth

Alternative practitioners view a breech presentation differently from obstetricians. Their first instinct is to try different non-invasive ways to get the baby to turn.