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Caring For Cranky Old Cats

Caring for cranky old cats

Cats experience chronic pain the same way dogs do – but they are much better at hiding it. So how will you know if your cat is feeling pain? We take a look.

Yoga For Truth And Honesty

Yoga for truth and honesty

Honesty is at the heart of being a yogi. Here, we walk the eight-limbed path of yoga and find out how to embody the qualities of truth.

Yoga To Boost Your Imagination

Yoga to boost your imagination

As we pivot towards a better future, we take a yogic look at what imagination is and how to unlock it using a series of accessible asanas.

High Protein Bircher Bowl Recipe

High-Protein Bircher Bowl Recipe

This Bircher bowl is a delicious vegetarian breakfast you can make the night before, packed with flavour, texture and colour to brighten your morning.