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Your Guide To Postpartum Yoga

Yoga for the fourth trimester

Yogis are blessed with so many wonderful tools for support in the transition from maiden to mother. Here’s everything you need to know about yoga for the fourth trimester.

Yoga For Stronger Immunity

Yoga for stronger immunity

In a time of collective ill health, you might be wondering what you can do to improve your immune system. Incorporating yoga into your routine can significantly bolster your body’s ability to combat sickness.

Caring For Cranky Old Cats

Caring for cranky old cats

Cats experience chronic pain the same way dogs do – but they are much better at hiding it. So how will you know if your cat is feeling pain? We take a look.

Yoga For Truth And Honesty

Yoga for truth and honesty

Honesty is at the heart of being a yogi. Here, we walk the eight-limbed path of yoga and find out how to embody the qualities of truth.

Yoga To Boost Your Imagination

Yoga to boost your imagination

As we pivot towards a better future, we take a yogic look at what imagination is and how to unlock it using a series of accessible asanas.