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Continue your wellness experience long after you return with natural beauty products from Mooi+U.

Some businesses start with a vacation. After spending 20 years in TV as a home-shopping presenter, Carla Luce sought a sea change and found it on the New South Wales Central Coast. There, her luxury wellness accommodation business, Greenhouse Retreats, blossomed. These vacations provided guests with the specialised wellness offerings of a high-end retreat yet also considered privacy, with each retreat taking place in independent accommodation.

Part of the Greenhouse Retreats experience is the luxurious, natural beauty and wellness products guests enjoy from the moment they step through the doors — and from that, Carla saw the opportunity for something more. “We had a small Greenhouse online store selling just the products from the retreats,” she says. “I knew I could bring something special to consumers wanting not just natural products, but beautiful and effective natural products, products that worked and were beautiful to use.”

And so Mooi+U was born. This online store is a curated collection of only the very best in natural and organic beauty products, allowing customers to experience that holiday feeling at home without having to worry about the hidden nasties found in some beauty products. “We are potentially applying hundreds of harmful chemicals in one day, which build up and can cause sensitivity — or worse,” Carla says. “We encourage a gentle transition from toxic products starting with the worst offenders, being deodorant, sunscreen, toothpaste and perfume, and then move into your skincare and body-care products.”

Part of this transition involves providing products that not only fit the “no toxic chemicals” brief, but that also deliver great efficacy. “That is where our curation is different to other retailers,” Carla says. “We only share products we believe deliver results.”

This dedication has allowed the Mooi+U team to unearth many local suppliers of clean and ethical products and share their produce with consumers. When curating, Carla also considers the brands’ eco values and supports those who limit packaging, use less plastic and source their ingredients ethically and sustainably.

But it’s not just the products themselves that have this ethical focus. Mooi+U does not use any plastic in their packaging and recycles as much of their boxes and packaging products from wholesale orders as possible. “We donate $1 to One Tree Planted with every order and give our customers the chance to also plant one tree,” Carla says.

If you’d like to begin your Mooi+U journey, Carla recommends starting with a collagen supplement like Opty or SWIISH. “These really are the biggest game-changers for good skin and a healthy gut,” she says. “I would also strongly recommend switching out your deodorant for a non-aluminium brand like Salt and Stone or Kindly.”

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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