Nurture Serum Nourish & Balance

ivadore Nurture, Nourish & Balance Antioxidant Serum

Nurture is ivadore’s ultra concentrated antioxidant serum. It has been carefully formulated to be lightweight so it penetrates quickly, delivering active ingredients deep into the skin. The serum utilises powerful antioxidants and vitamins to help prevent pre-mature aging and promote radiance.

The base ingredient is the Molecule of Youth, Hyaluronic Acid. Other key ingredients include the ultimate beauty vitamin formula Vitaplex (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5 and B6) and Baobab Oil, an African treasure known as the “Tree Of Life”, which tightens and tones the skin and encourages skin cell regeneration.

The Nurture, Nourish & Balance serum is specially formulated to help people with oily and problematic skin this includes the use of the powerful healing ingredient Dragons Blood. In addition to its advanced healing properties Dragons Blood also has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to stimulate human skin fibroblasts, which is highly beneficial for troubled skin.

Other highly effective anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients include Willow Herb, Rosalina Oil and Andiroba Oil.

The final ingredient in this unique formula for oily skin is Buriti Oil, which helps to heal the skin and aids in cell regeneration.

Emma Houghton

Emma Houghton

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