Mavala Mini Nail Polish Cacao

Product description: MAVALA Mini Nail Polish Cacao is a rich dark mauve nail polish. Its super long hold and shine formula is easy to apply evenly and streak-free thanks to the wide brush. The MAVALA mini (5ml) bottle is ingenious and convenient; a smaller format means less waste as it’s easy to finish the bottle before it starts drying out.

MAVALA nail polishes contain a resin extracted from wood which adheres to the nail surface in the form of a flexible and resistant film which remains porous, allowing oxygen and water vapour to pass through the nail polish, to the nail plate. This non-occlusive formula protects the nail without suffocating it.

It is also free from toxic ingredients, with a 13-free formula, containing no formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde resin tosylamide, camphor, xylene, paraben, rosin, nickel, triphenyl phosphate, acetone, heptane, or ethyl tosylamide. MAVALA nail polishes contain no animal ingredient and are not tested on animals.

Emma Houghton

Emma Houghton

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