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Sonia Orts Nº4 | The Alchemic Perfumes

No4 Postcard

The Alchemic Perfumes are my signature product; natural and organic fragrances made by an ancient alchemical process called Spagyric*. I create only eau de parfum as I believe organic perfumes should be luxurious and last longer.

The Alchemic Perfumes are eco-green clean fragrances made only with raw organic and wild harvested botanical ingredients, plant based and food grade alcohol (sourced from sugar cane) and therapeutic grade steam distilled pure essential oils.

Sonia Orts Nº4 is an exquisite floral-fruity eau de parfum created for the feminine soul – it embodies the free spirit of a self-confident woman that embraces her femininity with a captivating trail. Classy, elegant and utterly feminine this timeless floral fragrance indulges your senses in tropical summer nights, exhilarating your emotions with a whirlwind of happiness – blissful floral extravaganza.

A joyful and radiant floral aroma that reveals intoxicating fruity tones of peaches, passionfruit and tangy mangoes bathed by the sun. Sonia Orts N º4 unique fragrance unexpectedly develops into a delicate floral bouquet of exotic frangipani and delightful jasmine with exquisite notes of freesias and delicate peonies revealing tender innocence yet hypnotic sensuality. N º4 enveloping scent is underlined by a base of deliciously sweetened amber honey and candied fruit notes that linger on the skin throughout the day. A nod to a cheeky smile and a hymn to the feminine curves and enigmatic sensuality of the daughters of the moon.