Biscuit Mix The Seed Cycle

Biscuit Mix – The Seed Cycle

With the Seed Cycle Biscuits Mix, you can have a healthy snack in minutes. It’s easy and delicious and only 7 easy steps!

What if cookies were good for you? With Seed Cycle Biscuit Mix you can enjoy tasty, satisfying whole food snacks that are not only healthy and delicious but actually promote hormonal balance.

The Seed Cycle Biscuit Mix is a tasty way to incorporate their Phase 2 blend to your everyday lifestyle. The biscuits, which include natural ingredients such as buckwheat flower, rapadura sugar and desiccated coconut, are sure to be a favourite with you, and your hormones. These mouth-watering treats have been designed with convenience and taste in mind and will give you the perfect amount of nutrients while taking care of your cravings for something sweet!

The biscuits have been made for the coffee and biscuit treat lover or afternoon tea devotee.

This mix has been designed to require only basic cooking skills; and with very short preparation times in mind, to ensure that seed cycling does not impact on your daily activities or commitments.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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