Super Greens & Cricket Powder

written by The Wellbeing Team

Super Greens Cricket Powder

Super Greens Cricket Powder

Grilo Super Greens is a 100 per cent organic blend containing nutrient-dense superfoods and a very special ingredient: organic cricket powder. Grilo Super Greens may assist with iron absorption from plants when blended into your green smoothie. The alkaline formula is an excellent source of iron (53% RDI) and vitamin B12 (40% RDI) and contains a complete amino acid profile. Grilo Super Greens may assist detoxification process, support body functions and increase energy levels.

Add it to smoothies, juices, raw desserts and bliss balls recipes or just drink it with coconut water or any nut milk.

Ingredients: certified organic cricket powder (Gryllodes sigillatus), organic maca, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic barley grass, organic chlorella, organic turmeric and organic cinnamon.

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