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H4O™ Multi Action Hydro Oxygen Resolve HD Wash Foam

H4o™ Multi Action Hydro Oxygen Resolve Hd Wash Foam

Infused with H4O™ proprietary molecularised aqua to fuel for multi-action that dissolve pollutants and chemical ingredients on the skin leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed without grease. The skin feels refreshed, clarified as the pollutants become dissolved. A perfect daily routine for both men and women. Skin Nourishing Properties: Clinically formulated with amino acids, peptides and vitamin precursors Skin Clarifying Properties: Dissolves stubborn sunscreen and other skin products H4O Aqua Power: Leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed without tightness CLARIFIER biotechnology helps with pore de-congestion. Gentle on skin, effective on pollutants.