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Fruit & Veggie Sanitising Wash

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Did you know, washing your fruit and vegiges with water only removes 50% and apple cider vinegar only 80% of pesticides & micro organisms!

Our plant based Fruit & Veggies Sanitising Wash removes 99.9999% of bacteria, germs, pesticides, waxes and micro organisms. Making it 4x more effective than any plant based fruit and veggie washes! Without leaving any after taste so you can keep your produce, family and environment safe and healthy.

Environmentally Friendly – Plant & Mineral Based – Non-Toxic – NO Parabens – NO Sulphates – NO Phosphates – NO Chlorine – NO Ammonia – Fragrance Free – Recyclable & Refillable Packaging – Cruelty-Free – Palm Oil Free – Not Tested On Animals – Vegan Friendly – Australian Made – Grey Water Safe -No After Taste.

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