Organic Choice Candle

Organic Choice Limited Edition Candle

Organic Choice adds a little luxury to your everyday. Our beautiful Limited Edition air freshener & linen spray offers a unique fragrance of Spiced Rum, Honey & Coconut providing a beautiful, long lasting fragrance throughout your home. Our aromas and deliver complex, elegant and truly premium blends that diffuse a delicious and unique scent to your spaces. This season we have collaborated with the talented Nusa Indah who has created a beautiful artwork which we have used throughout the range. Our Limited Edition range is truly LIMITED, once the range is released the limited products are not repeated, but replaced with the next fragrance trend.Organic Choice is not only a stylish choice for your household products, but the use of Organic essential oils pure soy wax with a lead free wick, makes the brand friendly on the environment. Made and owned in Australia, Organic choice is proudly free of palm oil and animal testing.

Keiran Mackin

Keiran Mackin

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