Poweroll Plus 50ml

Poweroll Plus is a unique blend of essential oils. It also contains Emu oil. Helping to massage away muscular aches and pains while relaxing tense muscles. Ideal as a natural pain relief alternative to invigorative muscular fatigue. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to reduce:

  • Mild joint pains
  • Mild rheumatic pains
  • Symptoms of mild arthritis and mild osteoarthritis
  • Mild joint inflammation and swelling
  • Mild muscle inflammation
  • Muscle pain and soreness
  • Bruise pain

Poweroll is one of Australia’s leading pain relievers and our company has always prided itself on its ability to create new consumer products based on Glimlife’s comprehensive research, development, manufacturing, and sales capabilities.

We adopt native Australian Emu oil and natural essential oils specially formulated to relieve muscle pain. The “Roll-on” applicator has been designed to roll easily over the skin helping to massage pains as it applies the oil.

Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore

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