Ultimate Omega liquid — Thera Health

Double-strength omega-3’s for increased support.

  • Great for meeting the additional needs of conditions such as pregnancy
  • Supports general well-being
  • May help support healthy skin
  • Sustainably produced

Lemon-flavoured Ultimate Omega liquid offers concentrated support for the whole body. Doctors and researchers worldwide consistently choose this focussed formula.

Concentrated Ultimate Omega delivers more omega-3’s per serving than most other omega-3 products. This means you get more support in a smaller serving.

All of Nordic Naturals’ omega-3 fish oil products are produced in the triglyceride form, which is the form naturally found in fish and the form the body most easily recognises and absorbs.

Nordic Naturals source only the highest quality ingredients and adhere to the strictest product standards and specifications. They obsessively test every product lot to ensure that their products are pure and fresh – free from environmental toxins and contaminants. See for yourself – a Certificate of Analysis is available for every product.

A randomised clinical trial to determine the efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids from four leading omega-3 products shows Ultimate Omega is up to 382% more effective than other omega oils.

Use the code WELLBEING to get 20% off when ordering via Therahealth.com.au



WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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