Altearah Gamme mix A-004181

Altearah Australia

Altearah Bio offers a range of organic perfume sprays, body oils and scrubs. Each comes in 14 colours: one colour for one emotion. The 14 colours are blended from pure essential oils to enhance specific moods, offering “emotive cosmetiques” that deliver a powerful combination of colour therapy and aromatherapy.

Altearah Bio is produced in the South of France in our own organic laboratory located in the heart of organic farmlands. Our brand of cosmetics, produced with pure essential oils and other plant based oils, is certified 100% natural and organic.

The Altearah company’s aim is to offer an innovative concept that combines fun and aromatherapy, colour and fragrance to enhance beauty and well-being. The concept works with the philosophy that beauty comes from within, so the 14 Altearah Bio colours offer the benefit of natural and organic ingredients designed to promote balance and harmony, through the mind-body action, promoting health and wellness.