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Ayusa Tea

It has been a wild ride since we first set foot in Ecuador in 2017. And finally, we’re ready to share our nourishing range of Ayusa Tea with you.

We’re proud to be the first major suppliers of Guayusa tea in Australia. Ayusa Tea was founded in Byron Bay at the start of 2020, and is now gaining momentum around the country as a healthy and ethical alternative to coffee.

With every cup of Ayusa Tea you drink, you’re not only investing in greater energy, wellness and vitality. You’re empowering small farmers in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, and supporting the preservation and conservation of the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest in the world. $1 from every tea canister bought goes towards our conservation and education program in Ecuador, “Conciencia Amazonica”.

We’re proud to partner with ethical suppliers who share our values of sustainability and integrity. The Guayusa we source is certified organic, and grown as an agroforestry crop (meaning it grows in harmony with native vegetation). What’s more, the rural Kichwa farmers are paid 15% above fair trade wage – which can make a world of difference to this rural community.