Dental Wellness

dental wellness is a purpose-designed  holistic dental practice  located at The Gap in Brisbane’s inner west with a new holistic, aesthetic practice opening in Newstead later this year.

We are Holistic Dentists motivated to achieve optimal health and wellbeing though an integrative approach – we create safer, healthy, beautiful smiles. Holistic Dentistry  unifies natural health philosophies with orthodox medicine and dentistry, considering your overall wellbeing as a factor in your dental health and vice versa.

At our practice, we perform all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry using the most advanced and safe techniques. We eliminate dental conditions potentially creating toxicity, inflammation and systemic infection, returning proper function to your mouth that enables healthy eating, breathing, sleeping and smiling with confidence.

Our founding holistic dentist,  Dr David Cowhig, is a leader in the field and is supported by a team who shares his ideals of wellness. Dr Cowhig is also the only dentist in Australia accredited in two Zirconia Implant Systems called Zeramex and Z-Systems. His vision for the future is to have the first Holistic Metal Free Implant and Restorative Practice in Australia.

The dental wellness team would love to welcome you to our practice so we can help you and your family enjoy an optimal standard of oral health.

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