Gita International

YOGA – many people’s experience of Yoga in the wider world is not compelling enough to pursue long term. After time, only getting partial, physical benefits is not enough.

Have you experienced the ‘Wholeness ‘of Yoga? – that which touches  and enhances the whole of your being – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually/eternally? If any aspect  of these are missed, you have little more than refined physical exercises.

Come and experience the wholeness of yoga at GITA:

  1. the serenity of true relaxation and renewal
  2. the rejuvenation of the physical body and mind
  3. the development of mental acuity and perception
  4. the resolution of the emotional dramas which debilitate
  5. the sense of meaning and purpose an eternal vision inspires

GITA INTERNATIONAL is a leading Spiritual Education Centre.  It educates, empowers and demystifies life and connects people of like minds through Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and Eternal Yogic Wisdom (philosophy) classes.

If you want to make sense of life and find meaning and purpose, alongside health and wellbeing, come to Gita.  It’s a welcoming place, with purpose and meaning.

Commit yourself to finding the real you – give yourself the time to become all you could be!

Classes and Courses starting frequently – see website for details.