Herbal Fix

Herbal Fix

We’ve combined nature’s gems to bring you Herbal Fix – a range of 6 all-natural, functional beverages which have been scientifically-prepared with a unique combination of organic herbs, vitamins & minerals to enhance your life.

With up to 7 organic herbs and 8 vitamins, our beverages are formulated to work on specific functions of the body and brain, engineered by nature to compliment a healthy lifestyle, free from artificial ingredients and processed sugars. The use of Pure Fructose ensures our beverages have a low glycemic index (GI), making them appealing to diabetics.

Our mission is to produce a broad range of great tasting herbal beverages designed to promote health and well-being and to compliment the healthy lifestyles we are all quickly moving towards. Herbal Fix has employed food scientists to develop 6 distinctively flavoured beverages to appeal to a broad cross section of consumers.

Why Herbs? Herbs contain a large number of naturally occurring substances that have biological activity and compounds from plants. Herbal remedies have been successfully used for thousands of years and are still the first choice in many cultures. Herbal remedies have also been known to have a profound transformation in health without the danger of side effects that are common in drug based medication

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