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pjur group provides various intimate products to improve everyone’s wellbeing and the overall quality of life. As a certified manufacturer of medical devices quality is pjur’s highest priority. The name pjur is synonymous with reliability and safety and the “Made in Germany” seal of unrivalled quality is appreciated everywhere in the world.

The pjur med series consists of personal lubricants and products for intimate hygiene, which are recommended by doctors and health care professionals. The pjur med series helps to enjoy intimacy with comfort and confidence at every stage of life. All pjur med intimate personal lubricants have excellent skin-friendly properties and are dermatologically tested and confirmed. They are neutral in taste and odor, free of paraffines, parabens and color additives. pjur med formulas are hormone free, don’t contain spermicidal substances and are latex condom safe.

From October 2016, pjur group raises money for the McGrath Foundation, one of Australia’s most respected charities who raise funds for breast care support. pjur group Luxembourg S.A. donates $0.25 to the McGrath Foundation from the sale of every bottle of pjur med intimate personal lubricants sold during this period.

The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young people.