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Stretch Now

At Stretch Now we have taken a keen interest in creating yoga and meditation props that are original and of high quality. Additionally, all of our yoga props are specifically designed for both strenuous yoga studio sessions and for home use by yoga practitioners. However, what makes our yoga and meditation props stand out is that we have made a conscious effort to make them as eco-friendly as possible. For example, we use organically grown cotton for all our props made out of cotton which negates the use of harsh chemicals used in conventional cotton growing.

To increase our knowledge and understanding of the organic cotton used in our products some of us at Stretch Now visited the farms where this cotton is grown. We were fascinated to see how organic fertilizers were used, weeds controlled without any chemicals, crop rotation and cover crops to replenish soil nutrients—all of which are time honoured practices that have been used for hundreds of years. Making the choice to use organic cotton makes a significant contribution towards protecting the environment we live in as well as supporting organic farmers who are at the grass roots (no pun intended) of keeping our planet strong and healthy.